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  1. 3M 0
  2. Abus 14
  3. Airmaster Fan 0
  4. Airspade 13
  5. Ajax Tools 31
  6. Amflo Hoses 16
  7. AMH Lifting Equipment 28
  8. Anchor Brand 84
  9. Ariat 41
  10. Atlas Lifting & Rigging 15
  11. Bauer Ladders 16
  12. Blaklader Workwear 42
  13. Bosch Power Tools 743
  14. Brass Knuckle Protection 5
  15. Buckeye Fire Equipment 4
  16. BVA Hydraulics 153
  17. Campbell Chain & Shackle 19
  18. Champion Cutting Tools 136
  19. Chicago Pneumatic 19
  20. CoverMe 5
  21. Crescent Tools 160
  22. Crown Matting 4
  23. CS Unitec 584
  24. Current Tools 359
  25. DeWalt Power Tools 454
  26. Diamond Products 353
  27. Diteq 41
  28. Dustless Technologies 10
  29. Edwards 28
  30. Ego Power Equipment 59
  31. Empire Level 54
  32. Energizer 6
  33. Enerpac 145
  34. Enespro 1
  35. Ergodyne Work Gear 13
  36. Erie Cotton 0
  37. Erin Rope 25
  38. Exact Pipe Cutting 30
  39. FallTech 279
  40. Fein 152
  41. Festool 310
  42. Flex Power Tools 130
  43. Freud Diablo Blades 169
  44. Gateway Safety 2
  45. Gearwrench Tools 195
  46. Generac 11
  47. Georgia Boots 25
  48. Grey Pneumatic Sockets 282
  49. Gray Jacks 32
  50. Greenlee 740
  51. Grip Rite 73
  52. GVS 9
  53. Helly Hansen 51
  54. Hilman Rollers 255
  55. Honda Power Equipment 37
  56. Hougen Tools 439
  57. ICS Concrete Chain Saws (Oregon) 69
  58. Igloo Coolers 15
  59. Illumagear 11
  60. Impacto 0
  61. Imperial Blades 2
  62. Ingersoll Rand 81
  63. Jackson Pipe Fitting Tools 8
  64. JET Tools 243
  65. Jobox Storage & Safety 14
  66. Justrite 9
  67. Keen Footwear 15
  68. Kett Tools 27
  69. Kleenguard 1
  70. Klein Tools 311
  71. Knipex 30
  72. Koehler Brightstar 4
  73. L.B. White 19
  74. Lenox 2
  75. Lift All 2
  76. Lift Safety 61
  77. Liteband 9
  78. Marshalltown 53
  79. Masterlock 13
  80. MAX USA Corp 9
  81. Maxxeon Work Lights 3
  82. MBT Absorbents 8
  83. Mechanix 0
  84. Metabo Tools 37
  85. Metabo HPT (Formerly Hitachi) 1
  86. Mighty Tie 0
  87. Milwaukee Tool 3688
  88. MK Morse 31
  89. Motorola Two-Way Radios 15
  90. Multiquip 7
  91. NSA 91
  92. OPT Gear & Merchandise 8
  93. OZAT USA 1
  94. PIP Safety / West Chester 260
  95. Power Team SPX 401
  96. Powermatic 39
  97. Pyramex Safety 102
  98. Radians 3
  99. Ram Fans 8
  100. Rayovac Batteries & Led Lights 1
  101. Reed Manufacturing 83
  102. Reelcraft 29
  103. Revco Black Stallion 6
  104. RIDGID Tools 800
  105. RKI Instruments INC 29
  106. Rocky Boots 49
  107. Rust-Oleum 42
  108. SAS Safety 10
  109. Sawshoe 2
  110. Sawstop Table Saws 67
  111. Seymour Outdoor Tools 29
  112. Shield Hydration 19
  113. Showa 2
  114. Shurtape 42
  115. Simplex 204
  116. Simpson Strong-Tie 228
  117. Skilsaw 11
  118. Smith Performance Sprayers 4
  119. Southwire Tools & Equipment 174
  120. Spectra Precision Laser 26
  121. Spyder 27
  122. Stabila 14
  123. Stealthmounts 21
  124. Steel Blue Work Boots 39
  125. STIHL 143
  126. Sumner 124
  127. Suncast Commercial 4
  128. Superior 2
  129. Surface Shields 15
  130. Tamco Tools 117
  131. Tie Down 10
  132. United Abrasives Sait 36
  133. Werner Ladders & Fall Protection 74
  134. Wheeler-Rex 204
  135. Wiha Tools USA 36
  136. Wilton 84
  137. Wright Tool 532
  • Airmaster Fan
    Airmaster Fan is a global supplier of electric fans and ventilation systems based out of Clarklake, Michigan, and the largest US supplier of air moving equipment. They are a family-owned business that has continued to provide high quality products at a competitive price for over a decade. Airmaster carries a wide range of air circulation, ventilation, and heating solutions to keep workplaces, apartments, factories, offices, and other industrial buildings cool and comfortable. Ohio Power Tool carries a few of Airmaster’s larger industrial fans that are great for providing air circulation and ventilation on jobsites and large workspaces.
  • Airspade
    Before the invention of the AirSpade in 1985, the main method for soil excavation required an air lance, air compressor, and vacuum truck. Through the innovation and experimentation of Dravo Corporation of Pittsburgh, PA, a specialized tool for digging called the “AirSpade” was created. Throughout the 1980s and 1990s the AirSpade became more popular for excavation work and was even utilized by the department of defense to uncover landmines and unexploded artillery. By 2008, the AirSpade product line was acquired by Guardair Corporation, and has over 50 distributors across North America and in several countries around the world. They have streamlined their excavation tools to provide the ultimate user experience and performance for a variety of digging, utility location, key holing, potholing, and roadwork applications.
  • Ajax Tools
    Ajax Tools has been bringing the highest standard of forged specialty tools and accessories to their customers since 1946. They specialize in demolition tools for pneumatic, electric, and hydraulic hammers. What sets Ajax apart from the competition is their special alloy steel tools and devotion to their products. Ohio Power Tool carries a variety of Ajax hammer drill bits and chisels for scraping, chiseling, cutting, splitting, etc. They are a well-respected brand name within the industry, recognized as a full-service manufacturer and are committed to meeting the growing demands of their customers.
  • Amflo Hoses
    Amflo Hoses is one of our primary suppliers of hoses, couplers, and hose reels. Air hoses from Amflo are built to last through the most rugged landscapes and temperatures. They are easily portable and coil up tightly for quick storage. Ideal for garage, shop, industry, and home applications, these hoses work from -20°F to 165°F. Ohio Power Tool carries a range of Amflo air hoses and couplers for all applications. If you are looking for a powerful air hose that will withstand the pressure, look no further than Amflo.
  • AMH Lifting Equipment
    All Materials Handling Inc. is a trusted provider of high-quality material handling equipment and accessories used in construction, industrial supply, maintenance, military, mining, railroad, and various other industries. With over 100 years of experience in the manufacturing, engineering, and marketing of their products, AMH has secured themselves as a primary distributor of lifting equipment throughout North America. Various sizes of AMH Synthetic Web Slings are available at Ohio Power Tool and are trusted by professionals for their durability in general lifting applications.
  • Bauer Ladders
    Bauer Ladders is the leading U.S. manufacturer of higher performance portable ladders and is a fellow Ohio-based company based out of Wooster, Ohio. Bauer manufactures their ladders to be easy to use and convenient for the everyday worker. Their ladders are made from professional-grade materials to withstand repeated daily use. Step and extension ladders from 4’ to 40’ can be found at Ohio Power Tool.
  • Blaklader Workwear
    This Sweden-based professional workwear company started back in 1959 and is dedicated to creating functional and protective workwear for tradesmen. Blaklader workwear is truly ready for any task and any jobsite with their wide range of clothing, including high-visibility (ANSI Classes 1-3) and flame retardant options. They are currently the only workwear manufacturer that offers a lifetime warranty on their stitching, offering repairs or replacements on garments that split at the seams. Ohio Power Tool is proud to offer several of their practical, functional, and high-quality work clothing products.
  • Bosch Power Tools
    Bosch provides a complete line of corded power tools (like Bosch rotary hammer drills and routers), cordless tools (like 12V, 18V, and 36V Bosch cordless drills and impact wrenches), and accessories engineered to survive any jobsite and allow professionals to take control of their work. Robert Bosch Tool Corporation is a worldwide leader in the manufacturing of power tools, rotary and oscillating tools, power tool accessories, laser and optical leveling devices, and range finding tools. Ohio Power Tool is a Bosch Systems Specialist (BSS) store location – the only one of its kind currently in Central Ohio. The BSS partnership means the Bosch location will stock a wide range of Bosch Tools and accessories, as well as provide repairs, service, financing options, and special deals on Bosch power tools. Ohio Power Tool is also the first to receive new Bosch tools and receive many other benefits exclusive to the BSS premier tool dealers. Bosch is leading the way in power tool innovations. Check back regularly to see all the new products at Ohio Power Tool and find the Bosch power tool that's right for the job.
  • Buckeye Fire Equipment
    Buckeye Fire Equipment has been a trusted manufacturer of reliable fire prevention products for over four decades. They are a privately owned and operated company based in Charlotte, NC, and have built a strong reputation of quality and reliability due to their rigorous product testing and superior fire prevention products. Two types of fire extinguishers from Buckeye Fire Equipment are available at Ohio Power Tool: a 10 lb. Handheld Extinguisher and a 20 lb. Handheld Extinguisher. These are corrosion resistant, color-coded to show operating status at a glance, and equipped with wall mounts for extended service life. Whether you are in a commercial or industrial setting, having reliable fire extinguishing products is a must.
  • Campbell Chain & Shackle
    Campbell can trace its beginnings back to 1834, when Campbell acquired a few smaller companies in the New York/Boston area and began manufacturing harnesses for horses. Over the years, countless products were added, including wire rope and chain fittings, drop-forged chain hardware, high quality tackle blocks, shackles, hooks, and much more. Today, Campbell is the best-selling brand of welded and weldless chain in the United States. Users can select from a wide range of working load capacities, including proof coil, high test, transport, and alloy. Many finishes, styles, and materials are also available. Campbell chains and assemblies, including slings for overhead lifting, tie-downs, and binder chains, have earned the brand an outstanding reputation for quality. Campbell’s drive for innovation, combined with unparalleled technical support, expertise, and training, is why Ohio Power Tool has been a proud distributor of their products for years.
  • Champion Cutting Tools
    Champion Cutting Tool Corp. has been manufacturing innovative cutting tool solutions since 1897. With that pedigree and a dedication to providing customers and professionals with industrial grade cutting tools, Champion has earned its spot as an industry leader. Champion products are proudly distributed across the US, Canada, Mexico, Puerto Rico, and Central America, and are constantly problem-solving to fit the unique needs of their users. Their full product line includes drills, chisels, cutters, reamers, as well as other power tools and power tool accessories that are all crafted for superior performance and handling on the job.
  • Chicago Pneumatic
    Chicago Pneumatic is a revered and deservedly respected name among the professionals and customers it serves. Contrary to their name, Chicago Pneumatic offers a wide range of pneumatic tools and hydraulic equipment crafted for professionals in the construction, industrial, oil, and vehicle service industries. Their commitment to manufacturing quality tools to power productivity continues to solidify CP's spot as a market leader and pioneer in the power and air tool industries. Did you know that the automotive industry owes a debt of gratitude to Chicago Pneumatic? The industry's success early on was in large part due to the innovative pneumatic tools created by CP, which allowed for improved assembly line speed and higher cost efficiency. Ohio Power Tool not only carries extensive lines of Chicago Pneumatic air tools and hydraulic tools but also stocks (or can order) any of the Chicago Pneumatic parts you need to keep your tools running strong.
  • Crescent Tools
    Crescent Tools is part of the APEX Tool Group and was founded in Jamestown, NY in 1907. They are most well-known for creating America’s first open-ended adjustable wrench over a century ago, which became an essential item in most toolboxes. They continued to expand their product range to include a range of pliers, mechanics hand tools, and toolsets. In 2017, Crescent acquired four more brands under their name— Lufkin, Wiss, Nicholson, and H.K. Porter—expanding their brand to include over 2,600 types of tools. Today, Crescent Wiss scissors and snips, Crescent Nicholson files and saws, Crescent H.K. Porter heavy-duty cutting tools, and Crescent JOBOX storage products continue to meet the growing demands of tradesmen in a variety of industries.
  • CS Unitec
    CS Unitec manufactures a wide range of products for construction, industry, and mining. Including everything from electric, hydraulic, and pneumatic power tools to non-sparking, non-magnetic professional hand tools, there are CS Unitec tools to meet any number of jobsite needs. Doing some metal working? CS Unitec has portable magnetic drills, annular cutters, and more. Working with concrete and masonry? Find the diamond core drills and concrete saws you need. Have a job requiring specialty tools? Try CS Unitec's drills, nut runners, and drive units. Looking for something else? Ohio Power Tool offers CS Unitec reciprocating saws, surface finishing systems, grinding, and polishing tools, rotary hammer drills, and so much more! You can even find ATEX-approved tools from CS Unitec. Ideal for underwater applications or for use in Ex zones where hazardous, flammable, or combustible vapors, liquids, dusts or residues may be present, ATEX-approved air and hydraulic power tools ensure your on-the-job safety.
  • Current Tools
    Current Tools Inc. makes professional electrician equipment and manufactures all of it right here in the U.S.A. Having invested in state-of-the-art production equipment at their factory in Greenville, South Carolina, Current Tools produces some of the highest quality (and arguably best) electrician tools available. Current Tool is also a manufacturer of Jackson Tools, which is also available at Ohio Power Tool, which are aimed more at plumbing and mechanical contracts, as well as construction professionals handling large pipes. Ohio Power Tool is a distributor of the complete line of Current Tools electrician equipment, including products for cable pulling, conduit/pipe bending, hole making, material handling and storage, and sawing/cutting.
  • Diamond Products
    Diamond Products makes some of the best core drills, cutting tools, and grinding machines available on the market today. This speaks to the quality of Diamond Products professional tools and accessories while also showcasing why they are an industry leader in diamond tools and equipment. The company's products, many of which are made in the U.S.A., include a wide range of diamond blades, and sawing, coring, and abrasive equipment. Diamond blade tools include everything from wet and dry saw blades to floor grinding blocks. The sawing category contains first-cut saws, walk behind concrete saws, masonry saws, concrete grinders, concrete polishers, and more. Coring tools and equipment covers everything from core drills (coring rigs, stands, Core Bore WEKA powered tools) to core bits (plate cutters, adaptors, extension rods, vacuum core bits, wet core bits, and dry core bits). Lastly, the abrasives category contains grinding cup wheels, metal cut-off wheels, grinding abrasives, flap wheels, and sanding products - to name a few. Ohio Power Tool is proud to carry these professional-grade tools, equipment, and accessories from Diamond Products.
  • Diteq
    Diteq is a trusted manufacturer of high-quality diamond tools and equipment. Ohio Power Tool stocks a large selection of core bits and saw blades from Diteq that are exceptional quality and built to last. Their revolutionary ARIX technology allows for precise diamond arrangement on each blade that controls wear and makes the blade cut faster. This technology can increase cutting speed by up to 50%, while also doubling the life of the blade. The core bits we carry from Diteq also have this exclusive ARIX technology that makes them incredibly strong. No application is too hard for a Diteq diamond tool, and Ohio Power Tool has stood by their products for many years.
  • Dustless Technologies
    A leader in dustless tools since 1983, Dustless Technologies manufactures high-quality wet/dry dustless vacuums, dust shrouds, dustless jobsite tools, and dustless equipment accessories. It was the spirit of problem-solving upon which the founder of the company, Mike Loveless, created the first dustless product. This same spirit still exists today, as Dustless Technologies continues to refine their existing dustless tools while innovating the next wave of dust-free and dust-reduction solutions. Ohio Power Tool is proud to carry an extensive selection of dustless tools from Dustless Technologies. Dustless vacuums, dust shrouds, scraping and sanding tools, and dustless accessories are available to purchase at Ohio Power Tool to improve work efficiency and safety on jobsites.
  • Edwards
    Edwards Manufacturing was started by Charles Douglas Edwards in 1875. Their first manufactured product was the Open Ditcher, which was made to drain swampland. Edwards soon branched out into a variety of manufactured products including Road Graders, Manual Shears, Farming Equipment, Rotary Snowplows, Waterloo Bar Benders, Intake Grates, and many more products throughout the years. By 1928, Edwards had over ten different models of horse-drawn road graders. However, in the 1930's Horse-drawn graders fell out of favor and Edwards shifted their focus to Metal Culverts from the '30s to the '80s. They also perfected the Manual Shear, a single blade with a large handle giving the operator enough leverage to cut metal. These products would eventually continue to be improved and evolve into their extensive line of Ironworkers today. The Edwards Ironworker range is further complemented by a line of innovative Hydraulic Accessory Tools, powered by an Edwards Ironworker or the Edwards Porta Power, a portable hydraulic power unit. These tools, along with a variety of Ironworkers expand the abilities of your shop quickly and economically. Ohio Power Tool supplies a great selection of Ironworkers from Edwards as well as their Porta Power portable Power Units to tackle any job.
  • Ego Power Equipment
    Ego is the first to create a full line of cordless outdoor equipment, including mowers, chain saws, blowers, trimmers, and edgers. Their battery powered equipment is lighter, quieter, more powerful, and more eco-friendly than typical gas tools. The full tool platform is powered by the EGO ARC Lithium batteries, providing optimal versatility and dependability for your gardening and landscaping projects. Ego started in 1993 and has dedicated all their time to developing and perfecting their cordless tool platform that now sells in 65 countries worldwide. Ohio Power Tool is a proud carrier of Ego Power Equipment, and stands behind their innovative cordless technology and high powered battery system that is sure to outlast the competition.
  • Empire Level
    Empire Level was founded way back in 1919 and has become a leading creator of everything from levels and layout tools to squares and caution tape. Over the years, Empire has strengthened their company and product lineup with six strategic acquisitions between 1975 and 2010. These changes expanded their production capabilities and offerings to include (in chronological order) squares, wood levels, caution tape, precision tools, miter boxes, advanced engineering, and mahogany levels. Today, Empire dominates the retail, contractor supply, and DIY markets with their proven alignment, layout, and awareness products. Because skilled industry pros like you understand the value of getting the job done right the first time, the accuracy of tools and equipment is always of the utmost importance. Since Empire Level places the same focus upon the accuracy of every tool they design, we're proud to carry their leveling, alignment, notification, and measurement products here at Ohio Power Tool.
  • Enerpac
    Enerpac began their legacy in 1910 by producing water pumps for Ford’s ‘Model T’ motor car. From here, they have expanded their range of hydraulic tools to cover thousands of applications in a variety of industries. Enerpac’s range of products includes hydraulic pumps, cylinders and jacks, torque and tension tools, presses, heavy lifting technology, portable machine tools, and much more. These products have been used to produce some of the largest structures on earth such as the Las Vegas Wheel, helping launch the Millau Viaduct in France, and offloading an oil platform in Malaysia. These exceptional hydraulic tools and equipment are distributed all over the world, and provide superior safety, precision, and power to their users.
  • Ergodyne Work Gear
    Ergodyne's high-performance work gear is designed to enhance productivity and protect you on the job site. It is trusted by professionals in various industries and is designed to help you work smarter and safer. Browse our wide selection of Ergodyne work gear today and improve your work performance.
  • Erin Rope
    Erin Rope is proudly made in the USA and is dedicated to providing exceptional quality and service to their customers. They create a variety of rope and pulling products for construction work, pully systems, measuring, pulling rope through conduit, and various other applications. Their factory located just south of Chicago has the most modern braiding equipment in the cordage industry. If you are looking for a custom rope to meet the unique needs of your application, Erin Rope will work with you to create the perfect product for you using their state-of-the-art equipment. You can find a range of composite, woven polyester, twine, and measuring mule tape at Ohio Power Tool.
  • Exact Pipe Cutting
    The Exact Pipe Cutting System will meet all of your pipe cutting and beveling needs. These innovative cutting machines are portable, fast, and convenient to get each cutting job done well. Exact has created an all-in-one solution for cutting any pipe material, including steel, stainless steel, cast iron, copper, plastic, and ventilation pipes. The Exact pipe cutters create consistently clean cuts so the pipe is immediately ready to be welded, significantly cutting down your work time. These models are fire safe, energy efficient, and safer for the user and the surrounding environment. If you are looking to take your work to the next level, Exact pipe cutters and bevelers can take you there. Requiring less effort and delivering more efficient results, these tools are built to meet the needs of the modern worker.
  • FallTech
    FallTech’s primary focus is keeping you safe on the jobsite. No matter if you are working high up on a roof, tower, or building or working low down in a pipe, mine, or cavern, the quality of your fall prevention equipment counts most when your life is on the line. FallTech, whose fall protection products are tested to exceed OSHA and ANSI standards, believes that you are the center of everything. Commercial construction, electrical installation and maintenance, petrochemical refining and processing, residential construction, sewer and drain maintenance, and tower climbing are only some of the industries that FallTech consistently pioneers in fall prevention products. Ohio Power Tool stocks a wide range of FallTech safety products including harnesses (both standard and tower climber), lanyards, safety anchors, self-retracting lifelines, rope grabs, and tool belts for personal and professional safety. FallTech even makes specialty fall protection products, like confined space tripods, roofer kits, fall prevention combo kits, and fall safety systems. Combining quality, durability, and compliance in their heavy-duty fall prevention equipment, FallTech systems are sure to stand the test of time and endure even the harshest and most extreme work environments. To build your own personal fall arrest system, be sure to select an appropriate anchorage, harness, connector, and decelerator to ensure maximum fall protection.
  • Festool
    Festool has over 90 years of innovation under their belts, and their passion for high-quality power tools has carried them far along the way. The tradespeople they serve share this same passion, which keeps Festool motivated to constantly improve their products. They create tools and equipment for furniture and cabinet makers, remodelers, painters, and construction workers. Their products make life easier for professional tradespeople – and help them to achieve perfect results faster. Festool’s detail-oriented nature helps them create the highest quality cordless tools, sanders, planers, routers, saws, dust extraction tools and vacuums, and joining systems. With over 350 patents and 80 awards for both the products and company, Ohio Power Tool stands behind Festool’s exceptional product line.
  • Freud Diablo Blades
    Freud Diablo Blades are high-quality saw blades designed for precision and efficiency. They provide clean and accurate cuts, ensuring a professional finish every time. Upgrade your cutting tools with Freud Diablo Blades and unleash the full potential of your projects.
  • Gateway Safety
    Gateway Safety is one of the oldest manufacturers of personal safety equipment in the United States. Since their start in 1944, this family-owned and operated business has curated a strong reputation for having high-quality face, head, hearing, and respiratory protection. Through their rigorous testing and research that having PPE that is both safe and stylish is the key to worker compliance. In addition to their user-friendly design, they ensure that all of their products are engineered to perform better than what is required by the ANSI or OSHA standards. Ohio Power Tool carries a range of respirator masks from Gateway to keep you safe and comfortable at work or in your everyday life. Their PeakFit Unvented N95 Masks, TruAir N95 Masks, and TruAir Vented P100 Disposable Masks are contoured to fit your face comfortably while still allowing you to breathe easily. If you’re in the market for high-quality respiratory protection for a variety of needs, Gateway is the way to go.
  • Gearwrench Tools
    GearWrench, a member of Apex Tool Group, manufactures high-quality hand tools for skilled professionals in the vehicle service, industrial, aerospace, and technical education industries. Ever since they created the original patented five-degree ratcheting wrench back in 1996, GearWrench tools have been in high demand. But success and notoriety were not the endgame for them. They continued innovating, designing, and uncovering breakthroughs in pass-thru ratchets, sockets, screw/nut drivers, pliers, and specialty hand tools. To this day, over 70 million GearWrench products have been put to the test in shops, garages, facilities, and hangars all over the world. Ohio Power Tool is proud to carry GearWrench tools, including everything from combination wrenches and ratcheting wrenches to socket sets and tool storage products. Find the GearWrench tools you need today!
  • Georgia Boots
    Georgia Boots is known for creating America’s Hardest Working Boot. From their humble beginnings in Nelsonville, Ohio in 1937, Georgia Boot has been consistent in providing comfortable and functional boots to their customers. Their shoes are built to outlast some of the toughest working conditions on jobsites, farms, ranches, and factories. Comfort is a top priority for Georgia, because they know how much of a difference a quality boot can make for workers spending all day on their feet. Georgia’s expansive collection of work boots and shoes is sure to cover the various demands for safety, flexibility, and durability of footwear on the jobsite. Ohio Power Tool carries a variety of Georgia Boot styles including steel, composite, and alloy toe, waterproof, insulated, logger style, and casual wear. Georgia is committed to creating durable boots that will last and are guaranteed to work just as hard as you do.
  • Grey Pneumatic Sockets
    Grey Pneumatic sockets are designed for durability and precision, and are a reliable choice for a wide range of applications. They come in a variety of sizes and configurations, so you can find the perfect socket for your needs. Shop now and experience the difference Grey Pneumatic sockets can make in your work.
  • Gray Jacks
    Gray Manufacturing has produced the highest quality jacks and lifting products for over 60 years. Gray Manufactures everything from portable wireless lift systems, floor jacks, transmission jacks, wheel dollies, shop presses, forklift jacks, and air jacks to portable truck ramps, jack stands, surface-mounted post lifts, fluid handlers, oil can crushers, and more. They are sure to have the automotive jacks and shop lifts you need to get the job done right. All Gray Manufacturing products are made entirely in the U.S.A. and come with a lifetime warranty to the original purchaser for defects in materials and workmanship. Additionally, Gray Manufacturing offers value-added protection for one year on excessive wear and tear. Ohio Power Tool is proud to be one of the exclusive distributors and repair facilities for Gray jacks and lifts. Outfit your shop with confidence, knowing that Gray jacks and Gray lifts are some of the best jacking and lifting products on the market and backed not only by a manufacturer lifetime warranty but also quick and convenient repairs from Ohio Power Tool.
  • Greenlee
    What started as a small, Pennsylvania-based wood barrel making company quickly grew to include professional tools for the woodworking, plumbing, and electrical industries. With over 140 years of experience supplying hand and power tools to woodworking pros and over 70 years of experience creating industry-leading electrician tools, Greenlee knows a little something about quality. Quality tools. Quality service. Quality support. That's what they believe in, and that's exactly what they deliver. Today, Greenlee is one of the most respected and trusted sources for professional-grade tools when it comes to installing wire and cable. From hole making and bending to testing and measurement, you can depend on Greenlee tools to outlast and outperform the competition every time. Ohio Power Tool is proud to carry an extensive line of electrical tools, hydraulic tools, and hand tools from Greenlee to help you get the job done right every time.
  • Grip Rite
    Grip-Rite has been building America since 1975, and strives to build up their reputation with quality, value, and trust as the cornerstone of their company. At Ohio Power Tool, we carry a variety of fencing and wire products for both urban and agricultural environments; poly products such as house-wrap, curing blankets, reinforced poly, tarps, poly sheeting, barrier fence, silt fence, and poly fence; and building products for construction and home repair projects. Their reinforced Polyethylene Sheeting, tarps, and Stretch Film are incredibly durable to help you complete any commercial, roofing, or remodeling projects. As the Grip-Rite brand continues to grow, they are constantly finding innovative solutions for all of their product categories.
  • Helly Hansen
    Helly Hansen produces professional grade gear for everyone from skiers and sailors to carpenters and construction workers. For 140 years, Helly Hansen has been trusted by working professionals and athletes to keep them comfortable and protected. They have a wide range of outerwear, base layers, thermals, waterproof gear, and accessories to combat all the elements. Their patented Helly Tech material is a waterproof and breathable outer layer that keeps water out without trapping in sweat. Their cutting-edge workwear is guaranteed to outlast any adverse weather conditions and work as hard as you do. Ohio Power Tool stocks all of the best gear from Helly Hansen to accommodate for those who work in harsh environments as well as the everyday wearer.
  • Hilman Rollers
    Ohio Power Tool is proud to offer Hilman Inc. also known as Hilman Rollers. Hilman Inc. engineers high-capacity rollers, powered heavy moving systems, and custom load moving solutions. Designed to move heavy equipment from a few tons (i.e., 3–8-ton riggers) to several hundred tons (i.e., 100–1000-ton super heavy-duty rollers), the Hilman Inc. roller systems provide precision placement solutions for countless industries including manufacturing, offshore drilling, construction, and more. Hilman Inc.’s products have been designed and manufactured in their New Jersey plant since their start in 1953. Combining low profiles and high capacities, Hilman Inc.’s moving devices offer a multitude of moving applications that range from relocating small machinery to moving entire bridges, buildings, and offshore oil rigs. Not surprisingly, Hilman Inc.’s heavy load moving rollers and moving roller systems have transported some of the largest objects in the world over the better part of the last century. The Louisiana Superdome, San Francisco Trolley System, and the Hubble Space Telescope are just a few of the major projects that utilized Hilman rollers when being constructed. When you select the right Hilman Inc. and roller system for the job, you can (almost) move mountains.
  • Honda Power Equipment
    Honda Power Equipment provides reliable and efficient generators, lawn mowers, water pumps, snow blowers, tillers, trimmers, and pressure washers for outdoor power needs. Designed to deliver exceptional performance and durability, Honda Power Equipment ensures you have the tools to tackle any task with ease. Explore our selection and experience the difference for yourself.
  • Hougen Tools
    Hougen Manufacturing claims to be the world-leader in magnetic drill presses, rotabroach annular cutters, and mag drill accessories. They back that claim with their legacy as the creators of the first mag drill, which remains the most popular mag drill on the market today. Their extensive line of portable magnetic drills (including low-profile, fabricating, and heavy-duty drilling models), and their ongoing commitment to "solving holemaking problems through innovation" are just a couple aspects that make Hougen stand out among the rest. Put simply, Hougen Manufacturing's power tools and accessories allow professionals like you to be more productive by getting the job done quicker and more efficiently. Offering high-quality Hougen tools to professionals in the metal fabrication and factory application industries, as well as the most competitive prices, Ohio Power Tool is proud to have Hougen Manufacturing as featured partner. You can find Hougen magnetic drill presses, electro-hydraulic hole punchers, metal cutting bits, and mag drill accessories here at Ohio Power Tool.
  • ICS Concrete Chain Saws (Oregon)
    ICS Concrete Chain Saws are cutting-edge tools designed for efficient and precise concrete cutting. Powered by advanced technology and equipped with diamond chain saws, they deliver superior results in a fraction of the time compared to traditional methods. Their robust construction and ergonomic design provide optimal maneuverability and operator comfort.
  • Igloo Coolers
    Igloo started with a simple goal: to bring clean water to the worksite. This goal quickly grew as they expanded their product line to provide best in class ice chests for work, leisure, travel, and outdoor recreation. With over 500 products sold around the world, Igloo quickly became the number one cooler manufacturer in the world—and they are not stopping there. Their functional and versatile cooler options are a staple for so many situations. At Ohio Power Tool, we understand the importance of workplace hydration. That is why we are proud to carry a variety of Igloo coolers and heat stress solutions that will come along with you to work, home, and all of your other adventures in between.
  • Imperial Blades
    Imperial Blades is an American manufacturer of oscillating and reciprocating blades for multi-tools. They are the original inventors of the universal anchor One Fit that can be used on most oscillating multi-tools from brands like Milwaukee, Ridgid, Bosch, DeWalt, Makita, and 30+ more. Imperial Blades continued to expand their product range to become a one-stop supplier of anchors. They added SuperCut, Starlock, and Storm Titanium blades to their line as well as sandpaper and sanding pads. Over the years, Imperial Blades has continued to grow in size and now has a full line of blades for every application out there. They remain the leading supplier of blades for oscillating multi-tools. Ohio Power Tool offers a vast selection of Imperial Blades including One Fit, SuperCut, Starlock, and Storm Titanium blades for all of your cutting, grinding, scraping, and sanding applications.
  • Ingersoll Rand
    Ingersoll Rand offers a wide range of industrial equipment solutions, including air compressors, power tools, pneumatic tools, material handling equipment, and fluid management systems. They offer reliable solutions to enhance productivity and efficiency in various industries, from construction to manufacturing to logistics. Upgrade your equipment with Ingersoll Rand and experience the power of advanced technology and exceptional engineering.
  • Jackson Pipe Fitting Tools
    Jackson Tool Inc, a sister company of Current Tool, is a manufacturer of professional pipe tools based in Greenville, South Carolina. The Jackson Tool lineup focuses on pipe fitting related items – from alignment jaws and wire cages to conduit racks and bundlers – for plumbers and mechanical contractors looking for high-quality products made right here in the U.S.A. Ohio Power Tool stocks an extensive line of Jackson Tool products including pipe alignment jaws, pipe haulers, pipe stands, pipe wagons, and wire mesh cages that are sure to get the job done.
  • JET Tools
    Founded in 1958 as a chain hoist and trolley company, Jet Tools has grown over the decades and now designs and manufactures its own lines of power, hand, and shop tools. Their commitments to quality, innovation, and reliability have led to Jet tools being some of the most highly demanded on the market today. Today, the Jet Tools product lineup includes equipment for woodworking, metalworking, and lifting, as well as air tools, hand tools, shop tools, warehouse/dock tools, and high-performance machinery. While the color of Jet's brand (and tools) has changed over the years – from blue to green, orange, and finally white that you see today on most of their products – their focus on creating high-quality tools and equipment has not. That's why Ohio Power Tool is proud to carry a wide selection of Jet equipment and tools.
  • Jobox Storage & Safety
    With roots dating back to the 1950s, JOBOX has solidified its spot as an industry-leading manufacturer of rugged, dependable, and secure tool storage products for truck and on-site storage. Their premium tool boxes, tool chests, and safety cabinets are designed to meet the most demanding requirements of professionals in the building, construction, and other skilled trade industries. Committed to keeping up with the needs of experienced pros, as well as the ever-changing storage and security requirements, JOBOX continues to stay at the forefront of tool storage and tool security solutions through innovation. JOBOX's innovative tool boxes, safety cabinets, and safety cans are trusted by industry professionals in a variety of industries. They also take feedback from their customers very seriously to ensure that their products meet the needs of their users. You can find JOBOX tool boxes, safety cabinets, safety cans, and more at Ohio Power Tool.
  • Justrite
    Since 1906, Justrite has been recognized as an industry leader in the safe management of flammable liquids and other hazardous materials. Today they manufacture safety cabinets and large outdoor storage buildings, safety vessels and containers for laboratory and industrial applications, spill containment, secondary spill containment, safety showers and eye/face washes, gas cylinder handling equipment, and a range of custom engineered solutions. They take the time to work with their customers and identify effective and sustainable solutions to hazards present in the workplace. Ohio Power Tool takes workplace safety very seriously, so we are proud to work with a company like Justrite that shares these same values.
  • Kett Tools
    A fellow Ohio-based company, Kett Tool Company has been manufacturing specialty power tools out of Cincinnati, Ohio since 1940. Kett tools are geared toward professionals in the building, construction, automotive and manufacturing industries. Their product range includes shears, power saws, nibblers, blades, and accessories to cut different types of sheet materials used for a variety of applications. Kett tools has been “making the cut” for over 70 years, and has been a great addition to the Ohio Power Tool family. Ohio Power Tool is proud to offer an extensive selection of Kett tools and accessories to hardworking professionals like you: Kett shears Searching for Kett electric shears? How about Kett metal shears? Look no further! Ohio Power Tool has those and more, including fiber cement shears, profile shears, scissor shears, and more. Kett saws With several different electric and pneumatic panel saws available – including cable and light duty, deep cut, vacuum, and more – in various sizes, Kett saws will help you get the job done. Kett nibblers When a job requires sheet metal cutting, Kett nibblers get the call. The available electric nibblers come with a range of power and portability options. Kett saw blades Bulk Kett saw blades (sold per dozen) are available from Ohio Power Tool to keep your panel saws up-and-running. Saw blades can be found in sizes from 1 1/4" up to 3 1/2". Kett shear heads Kett manufactures shear heads in several sizes and strengths, as well as for several purposes. Find the Kett shear heads you need to cut aluminum, steel, and fiber-cement board. Kett tool accessories From nibbler attachments and punch/die kits to screw/insert kits and more, Ohio Power Tool carries a number of high-quality Kett tool accessories. Have questions about Kett power tools? Can't find the Kett air tools you need? The pros at Ohio Power Tool can help. Give us a call at 800-242-4424 for immediate assistance!
  • Klein Tools
    Klein Tools has come a long way since their start way back in 1857. This company that started out by making one type of electrical pliers is now the #1 preferred brand for hand tools in the electrical industry, as well as one of the leading brands used in the maintenance, construction, and industrial trades. Even after their overwhelming success, they are still connected to the values they curated from the start. They put the wellbeing and success of their customers first, and have expanded their product range to include drivers, cutters, meters, strippers, crimpers, levels and measuring tools, and many more types of hand tools and jobsite accessories. Most of Klein Tools products are still made in the USA, and they are currently owned by descendants of Matthias Klein, the original founder of Klein Tools. We are proud to carry a large selection of Klein Tools at Ohio Power Tool because we trust in their dedication to providing quality products for electrical, maintenance, and construction workers.
  • Koehler Brightstar
    Koehler BrightStar manufactures intrinsically safe flashlights, lanterns and headlamps that help professionals stay safe and get the job done. They have been developing and shipping safety approved products from Hanover Township, Pennsylvania for 110 years. Koehler BrightStar also serves the Firefighting, First Responders, EMS, Mining, Marine, Industrial, Manufacturing industries. These durable, reliable products are used in some of the darkest, most challenging environments all over the world, and are a great addition to any work environment. Ohio Power Tool stands behind Koehler BrightStar’s products and is proud to have them available for purchase in our store.
  • Lift All
    Lift-All is recognized as the largest and most well-known sling manufacturer in North America. This Pennsylvania-based company started in 1964 and manufactures a full range of tie down assemblies, sling protection, specialty straps, hoists, and custom below-the-hook lifting devices. Lift-All is dedicated to produce the safest and most secure lifting solutions for industry professionals. Ohio Power Tool is proud to carry a wide range of items from Lift-All, and appreciates the integrity and care they put into their products.
  • Lift Safety
    Lift Safety has been committed to creating premium safety products that combine functionality, style, and protection. They understand the value of hard work, so they create products that allow you to focus on the job at hand without worrying about the equipment you are using. Their carbon fiber hard hats are both stylish and protective to get you through your work day. Available in both full brim and cap style, their hard hats offer a 6 point suspension system for superior comfort and impact protection unlike any other on the market. These hard hats are some of our best sellers at OPT, and we are proud to carry their premium quality safety equipment. You can also find suspension replacements and high-quality knee pads from Lift at Ohio Power Tool.
  • Masterlock
    Master Lock is recognized around the world as the standard for padlock and security products. Their continued innovation allows them to consistently improve their lock design, application, and performance. The Master Lock brand is trusted by those in need of locks and security solutions for personal use, school, travel, automotive work, commercial, and business applications. Ohio Power Tool offers a wide range of Master Lock products and accessories including padlocks, cable lockouts, circuit breaker lockouts, electrical plug lockouts, combination locks, wall switch covers, portable lock boxes, safety tags, and much more. With Master Lock’s endless security options, you are sure to find a locking system that goes above and beyond to keep you and your belongings protected.
  • Maxxeon Work Lights
    Maxxeon offers a versatile range of personal lighting options to “Dominate the Dark”. Among these options are rechargeable headlamps, Technician’s work/inspection light sticks, flashlights, and work lights. Their WorkStar line is available at Ohio Power Tool and delivers up to 700 lumens of light output with an unbeatable battery run time. Many of their products are impact rated as well to withstand damage on the jobsite. These are the perfect work lights to accompany you on any jobsite where a powerful and reliable portable light source is needed.
  • MBT Absorbents
    Meltblown Technologies (MBT) provides all the spill control products, resources, and expertise to help keep your workplace clean and safe. Their absorbents can be used to clean up all kinds of leaks, drips, and spills. As a global distributor of absorbents, MBT consistently delivers high-quality and effective products using post-industrial materials, making them more eco-friendly than many others on the market. Their industrial absorbents, spill kits, and secondary containment units are essential to ensuring that your workplace stays clean and safety compliant. Ohio Power Tool carries a variety of MBT Absorbents to cater to the unique and varied needs of our customer base. You can find absorbent pads for oil and other liquids, sticky mats, drum toppers, oil absorbent booms, truck bag spill kits, large overpack spill kits, and more at Ohio Power Tool. We understand the importance of keeping your workplace as clean as possible to prevent safety and health hazards, so we are proud to offer high-quality absorbents and spill protection products from MBT to help make your workplace a safer space.
  • Mechanix
    Mechanix Wear has been committed to creating the most advanced protection for working hands for over 30 years. Through their rigorous testing and industry-leading technology, Mechanix has become the preferred choice for trade professionals and service members around the world. Since the release of their Original glove in 1991 which was used by race mechanics and pit crews in the Daytona 500, they have continued to expand their line of work gloves to suit countless other industries. Ohio Power Tool carries Mechanix Wear’s Original glove, as well as their Utility, FastFit, Specialty, M-Pact Impact, Durahide Leather, and Cut-Resistant gloves to accommodate for any and all applications. Our customers demand the best when it comes to jobsite protection, that is why we trust Mechanix gloves to perform in even the most intense jobsite applications.
  • Metabo Tools
    Metabo's mission since their start has been to produce reliable tools that professionals can depend on. Staying true to this mission, Metabo has for a long time been an industry leader in building and metalworking tools. Their products are designed with the professional in mind, incorporating efficiency, reliability, and safety. Additionally, they specialize in a wide range of electric and cordless power tools, so Metabo has something to offer for any kind of work. Metabo follows their “when it matters” philosophy to bring professionals around the world the most efficient tools and equipment when it matters most. They are the company you can depend on for high-quality electric tools, and Ohio Power Tool is the place to get them. Ohio Power Tool is proud to carry the full line of Metabo cordless tools, including drills, drivers, grinders, lights, sanding and metal fishing tools, saw and cutting tools, rotary hammers, batteries, and chargers. We also have an extensive line of electric tools such as right-angle grinders, die grinders, slicer cut-off wheels, and grinding wheels—to name a few. Metabo has been a trusted partner of OPT for years because we believe in their dependable products and passion for innovation.
  • Metabo HPT (Formerly Hitachi)
    Metabo HPT (formerly known as Metabo Hitachi) has built up a 70+ year legacy of success with their pneumatic nailers and sliding compound miter saws. This company came about when Koki Holdings Co partners with KKR, a leading global investment firm and became Metabo HPT in North America. With this merge they kept the same tools, quality, and performance with enhanced technology and opportunity for innovation. Ohio Power Tool carries a range of powerful tools from Metabo HPT including compound miter saws, reciprocating saws, hammer drills, nailers, dust blowers, angle grinders, rebar cutters, and more. Metabo HPT is the leading pneumatic brand in North America for a good reason. Their dedication to creating revolutionary tools and equipment has provided solutions for common user issues and changed the way we use tools every day.
  • Milwaukee Tool
    Milwaukee Tool is a respected manufacturer of heavy-duty power tools, hand tools, instruments, and accessories for skilled tradesmen. Since being founded in 1924, Milwaukee Tool has been committed to delivering two things with every tool, part, and accessory they make: increased productivity and unmatched durability. Whether it is through their world-leading M12 and M18 cordless systems, the ground-breaking performance of our M12 and M18 FUEL products, jobsite lighting, time-saving accessories, one-of-a-kind PACKOUT system, or innovative hand tools, they are dedicated to delivering a continuous flow of advanced, trade-specific solutions. Trade Pro Outfitters also now carries a full selection of Milwaukee safety equipment and apparel including shirts, jackets, lanyards, gloves, hard hats, safety glasses, vests, ear protection, and more. Milwaukee has been one of our most trusted partners at Ohio Power Tool for years. They set the standard for innovation when it comes to electric tools, cordless tools, jobsite storage and organization, tool accessories, and safety products. Our Milwaukee tool inventory has everything professionals need to get the job done right, and it is no secret that along with the Milwaukee name comes quality and dependability like no other.
  • MK Morse
    The MK Morse Company’s objective is to manufacture the best metal cutting saws and saw blades on the market. Over the years, this focus has earned them a spot as a cutting tool and saw blade leader, with the quality and performance that professionals demand. During that same time frame, they've expanded their product lines to include metal cutting tools (band saws, circular saws, hole saws, and hand saws), hole boring accessories (auger bits, hole cutters, spade bits, wood bits, and step drills) as well as saw blades for band saws, circular saws, jig saws, and reciprocating saws, and much more. These metal cutting products are used daily by skilled professionals in the manufacturing, construction, and demolition industries worldwide. Ohio Power Tool carries an extensive selection of MK Morse cutting tools, which are manufactured right here in Ohio! We currently offer circular saws, circular saw blades, and a range of band saw blades from MK Morse.
  • Motorola Two-Way Radios
    Motorola offers a wide range of two-way radios, including walkie-talkies and portable communication devices, designed to provide reliable and efficient communication in various scenarios. With long-range capabilities and durable construction, these radios ensure reliable connectivity even in challenging conditions. Motorola's commitment to quality and innovation has made them a trusted choice for professionals in construction, public safety, hospitality, and more.
  • Multiquip
    Multiquip is a trusted manufacturer and supplier of quality industrial products and solutions. They have a diverse product range that includes construction equipment such as compaction tools, mixers, saws, and concrete and masonry tools and equipment. They also manufacture best-in-class power generators and lighting solutions that are trusted by professionals across a variety of industries. Their products are very popular among rental businesses because they are dependable and can withstand abuse on the job. Multiquip portable jobsite generators and welders use Honda gas or Kubota diesel motors, which are also top names in the motor business. No matter the product or application, Multiquip tools and equipment are sure to perform above and beyond the standard. Ohio Power Tool is proud to carry a selection of generators, pumps, concrete tools, and accessories from Multiquip to offer our customers a range of products that they can depend on.
  • NSA
    National Safety Apparel is a fourth-generation family-owned business that manufactures safety apparel to protect workers in the toughest and most hazardous industries. Their heat and thermal protective apparel are trusted among foundry workers, steel pipe manufacturers, and welders across the globe. NSA has a great selection of protective gear for virtually any application. We carry a range of NSA gear at Trade Pro Outfitters, including hi-vis and FR/AR clothing items. Their TecGen FR clothing is lightweight, flame-resistant, and includes options for arc flash and flash fire protection. For hi-vis apparel, we offer their Vizable hi-vis FR clothing, HydroLite hi-vis flame resistant rainwear, and DriFire hi-vis, arc flash, and flash fire industrial workwear. If you’re in need of dependable and quality AR/FR, thermal, hi-vis, or weatherproof apparel, NSA is the obvious first choice. You can shop a selection of jackets, overalls, T-shirts, button-ups, hoodies, arc flash suits, and pants here at Trade Pro Outfitters—the destination for all your safety needs at Ohio Power Tool.
  • PIP Safety / West Chester
    PIP is a global provider of quality and affordable safety products. Throughout their 35+ year history in personal protection, they have become an essential name for everyday jobsite protection across many industries. Their cotton gloves are what launched their success in the 1980s, and as more companies began requiring PPE, they expanded their product line to include eye, face, and ear protection, hard hats, safety vests, hi-vis apparel, respirators, first aid kits, and arc flash/FR protective gear. PIP’s consistent innovation and dedication to bettering themselves and their products has set them apart as a leader in jobsite safety. Ohio Power Tool is proud to carry a wide range of items from PIP because we have seen first-hand how their products have effectively kept users safe in hazardous work environments.
  • Power Team SPX
    Power Team, a subsidiary of SPX Corporation based in Illinois, is a global leader in hydraulic tools, hydraulic equipment, and other high-force instruments. From hydraulic pumps, cylinders, pullers, and jacks to hydraulic hole punches, shop presses, spreaders, and more, SPX Power Team manufactures equipment to meet the professional demands of numerous industries including automotive, construction, industrial, and mining. Ohio Power Tool carries full lines of Power Team SPX hydraulic tools, equipment, parts, and accessories. When you need strong and concentrated force, turn to the SPX Power Team hydraulic tools available at Ohio Power Tool.
  • Powermatic
    With a history dating back to 1921, Powermatic has grown from a family-owned corn milling operation into one of the industry leaders in general purpose woodworking machinery. Aside from their storied development over time, Powermatic also maintains another unique claim to fame: they own their own foundry. This allows them to maintain the strictest control possible of their casting process and their trademark Meehanite process. This attention to detail and commitment to quality keeps Powermatic tools at the forefront of the woodworking industry. As an authorized distributor of Powermatic woodworking tools, Ohio Power Tool is proud to carry an extensive range of Powermatic equipment including air filters and dust collection tools, band and table saws, drill presses and mortises, jointers, planers, lathes, sanding tools, and shapers. If you’re in the market for high-quality woodworking machinery, Powermatic tools will definitely not disappoint.
  • Pyramex Safety
    Pyramex Safety Products LLC was founded in 1991 and has built up a customer base of millions of dedicated users since then. They consistently provide superior products and offer solutions for their distributors and customers. What started out as a small company that sold safety glasses, Pyramex has since expanded their product line to include face, hearing, and head protection, work gloves, hi-vis gear, welding equipment, and cool/hot weather accessories. With distribution in all 50 U.S. states and over 60 countries around the world, Pyramex has been successful in creating a line of products that is well accepted in the marketplace. All Pyramex products are independently tested and meet the necessary safety requirements. Some of the largest companies in the world trust Pyramex products to protect their most important asset, their employees. Because of this, we are proud to offer a wide range of Pyramex products for our customers.
  • Ram Fans
    Ramfan is a brand of Euramco Group, a company that has been on the cutting edge of industrial, fire and marine ventilation products for more than 30 years. Each and every one of their smoke ejectors, PPV fans, blowers and accessories represents the finest technology available, and is constructed to meet demanding standards for quality, performance and reliability. When your life, or the life of someone else, depends on having a fan that can deliver clear, safe, and cool air, you have only one choice you can trust: Ramfan. Explore our selection of Ramfan products and discover for yourself exactly how Ramfan can make a difference in your workplace today!
  • Rayovac Batteries & Led Lights
    Rayovac has spent over 110 years perfecting their batteries so they are able to outlast all other alkaline batteries on the market. Their innovation and vision have made them an important player in powering America throughout history. From powering the very first radio, to launching the Space Shuttle Endeavor on its maiden voyage, to energizing items in your home today, Rayovac has made a major impact on how we power our lives. Their batteries are trusted to deliver long-lasting and reliable power for your flashlights, toys, tools, appliances, and electronics. Ohio Power Tool carries a full range of Rayovac batteries to keep your tools and devices fully charged and running for as long as possible.
  • Reelcraft
    Reelcraft is the leading global manufacturer of hose, cord, and cable reels for industrial, commercial, and professional applications. Reelcraft’s key focus is to produce quality products that make hoses, cords, and cables more productive, keep them easily accessible and make them last longer. Ohio Power Tool offers a range of air/water hose reels from Reelcraft that have been proven to deliver exceptional quality and convenience to a variety of industries. With Reelcraft’s complete line of spring-driven, motor driven and hand crank hose, cord, and cable reels, you can work smarter, not harder.
  • Revco Black Stallion
    Black Stallion operates under the Revco Industries umbrella and manufactures protective apparel and equipment for a number of applications. Professionals in the welding, oil, and gas, industrial, electrical, utility, safety, and construction industries rely on Black Stallion’s products to keep them safe from workplace hazards. They produce an extensive range of arc rated, cut resistant, impact resistant, hi-vis, winter, and high temperature gear for those working in the toughest environments. Revco Black Stallion takes pride in protecting trade professionals (and their materials and equipment). Ohio Power Tool offers an extensive selection of Black Stallion safety products for welding applications such as canvas welding screens, FR welding jackets, gloves, and Kevlar sleeves to keep you safe on the job.
  • RIDGID Tools
    When it comes to plumbing and utility jobs, look no further than RIDGID tools. RIDGID offers everything professionals need – from pipe, drain cleaning, and inspection equipment to plumbing and utility line locators and so much more. RIDGID power tools and hand tools have remained a constant in stability and reliability for professionals in expert trades for decades, and we are proud to have them as a featured partner of Ohio Power Tool. Looking for a specific RIDGID tool? Ohio Power Tool carries a large selection of RIDGID cordless tools, plumbing tools, inspection and location tools, electrician tools, and hand tools that are built for the toughest jobs out there.
  • Rocky Boots
    Rocky Boots started as a small shoe factory in Nelsonville, Ohio in 1932. Through their difficult beginnings making shoes during the Great Depression, Rocky Boots has now emerged as a global leader in premium quality outdoor, work, western, public service, and military footwear. Every boot from Rocky is constructed with comfort and durability in mind to offer the most advanced protection for their customers. Their EnergyBed Footbed with memory foam ensures that your foot stays supported and comfortable throughout the entire day. Rocky is committed to keeping innovation, quality, and durability at the forefront of their brand, which is why we are proud to carry their products at Ohio Power Tool. We have a great selection of waterproof, steel toe, western, and rubber work boots from Rocky to get you through the toughest workdays.
  • Rust-Oleum
    Believe it or not, the inspiration for the Rust-Oleum product line came from their founder, Robert Fergusson, who was a sea captain who wanted to keep his ship from corroding out at sea. He noticed that an accidental splash of fish oil onto his deck prevented the metal deck from corroding, and he saw an opportunity to come up with a solution. This innovative spirit still drives the Rust-Oleum brand today to help them come up with effective solutions for rust prevention for the professional, industrial, commercial, automotive, and various other industries. Rust-Oleum has proven their dedication to creating quality products since their start in 1921, and we are proud to carry a wide range of their marking paints, spray paints, concrete repair kits, and several painting tools and accessories at Ohio Power Tool.
  • SAS Safety
    SAS Safety Corp. is based out of Long Beach California and is committed to designing top-quality safety products for a range of users, including safety managers, business owners, and DIY'ers. SAS has been in the business for 30 years and became ISO 9001 certified in 2008, which provides additional assurance that their safety gear is tested and reliable. SAS is not only concerned about manufacturing high quality products, they also are involved in safety training programs and online safety resources that give managers and DIY'ers the information they need to make informed decisions about the safety gear they choose. Their product lineup includes protection for hands, eyes, head, face, and hearing, as well as first aid, Hi-Viz apparel and more to keep you and your employees safe on the job. Ohio Power Tool is committed to offering high-quality safety equipment from trusted retailers like SAS to keep you protected from head to toe.
  • Sawstop Table Saws
    SawStop is the #1 cabinet saw provider in North America. They build professional table saws that stop the sawblade within milliseconds to protect you from serious injury. SawStop builds cabinet saws for professional and industrial use with motors as large as 7.5 HP. Since their start in 2000, they have sold hundreds of thousands of saws and therefore saved hundreds and thousands of fingers from harm. Ohio Power Tool is proud to carry an extensive line of SawStop cabinet saws, contractor saws, saw blades, dust collection devices, and accessories for woodworkers across the globe. If you are in need of a reliable saw with unmatched safety features, SawStop is the way to go.
  • Seymour Outdoor Tools
    Seymour Midwest is a family-owned, global supplier to the hand-tools market, providing both innovative solutions and time-tested products from our manufacturing facilities in Indiana and Tennessee. The quality, dependability, and performance of their products meet the high standards of those who use tools everyday: contractors, handymen, farmers, ranchers, landscapers and others. Seymour Midwest’s diverse selection of products and brands allows their customers to order all of their tool needs from a single source. Beyond best-in-class products, Seymour Midwest is also known as a leader in outstanding customer service, product training, and technical support in all business segments. As a family-owned company like ourselves, they believe in the values of integrity, quality, commitment, and innovation. We work hard to achieve performance that sets a standard of excellence and to build relationships with our customers that endure, not just because it is good business, but because it is the right thing to do. Today the family-owned company sells over 3,500 tools and 8,000 different repair handles to customers worldwide. Ohio Power Tool is proud to carry an extensive range of Seymour Midwest products that are high-quality and make professional and DIY projects much simpler for every user.
  • Showa
    SHOWA manufactures the highest degree of disposable hand protection to revolutionize the protective glove industry and the impact they make on the environment. Their gloves are constructed with the finest materials do provide the best feel and performance of any protective glove. SHOWA is dedicated to quality control and creating the best gloves possible, that is why they hand inspect every pair of gloves they produce before packaging and delivery. Not only are the disposable gloves from SHOWA comfortable and protective, but they are also biodegradable, providing a solution that protects people’s hands as well as the planet. Ohio Power Tool is proud to offer high-quality gloves from SHOWA because their dedication to innovation and environmental protection is something we stand behind.
  • Shurtape
    Shurtape manufactures high quality tape to help you get the job done right every time. From painting and packaging to HVAC and transportation to DIY projects, Shurtape has a tape solution for you. Their attention to detail and dedicated customer service standards has helped them build up a loyal customer base since their start in 1955. No matter the application, Shurtape will deliver professional grade results every time, and we are proud to carry their products here at OPT. You can find a wide range of Shurtape products at Ohio Power Tool including Duct Tape, colored Electrical Tape, Painter’s Tape, Masking Tape, Polyethylene Tape, and much more. With Shurtape, you can be confident that your tape will work as hard as you do.
  • Simplex
    Simplex has been manufacturing industry-leading positioning and lifting products since 1899. With a specialty in producing high-quality mechanical jacks, hydraulic jacks, and other high-pressure and high-force hydraulic tools and equipment, Simplex continues to redefine capabilities in countless trades (i.e., construction, manufacturing, transportation, etc.). We offer a wide selection of Simplex tools to fit almost any industrial application. Simplex jacks, hydraulic pumps, and hydraulic cylinders provide safety, reliability, performance, and minimal handle effort. If you're looking for positioning and lifting equipment with a bit higher capacity (say 60, 100, 150, and 200 tons), Ohio Power Tool also has Simplex Pow'r Riser equipment jacks which are ideal for railroad and heavy equipment. Optional extensions are also available to eliminate the necessity of blocking and U-rings.
  • Simpson Strong-Tie
    With roots dating back to 1956, Simpson Strong-Tie is one of the top brands in the world for concrete anchoring products. The company earned its spot by producing industry-leading structural products that forwarded their mission to "help people build safer and stronger homes and buildings". Simpson Strong-Tie's commitment to quality and effectiveness still rings true today within their lines of connectors, fastening systems, lateral systems, anchoring systems, and repair/protection/strengthening systems. As building codes become stricter, Simpson Strong-Tie remains ahead of the curve with ICC-ES Cracked Concrete-specific adhesive and mechanical anchors that meet code ahead of the competition. Some of their most popular products include AT-XP, SET-XP, ET-XP, Crack-Pac, Strong Bolt, Strong Bolt 2, Titan HD, Wedge-All, Sleeve-All, and Blue Banger Hanger – just to name a few. On the screw and nail fastening side, the acquisition of Quik Drive makes Simpson a very strong player in this type of fastening as well. Given their proven expertise, Ohio Power Tool is proud to offer an extensive selection of Simpson Strong-Tie screws, fasteners, mechanical anchors, and adhesive anchors for all of your anchoring applications.
  • Smith Performance Sprayers
    Smith Performance Sprayers has been the leading innovator in liquid applicator technologies for 130 years! Ever since The Fountainhead Group, the manufacturer of Smith Performance Sprayers, introduced the first compressed air sprayer in 1888, they have dedicated themselves to creating products that make consumers' lives easier. Over the years, Smith has kept their innovated spirit with their numerous category leading releases. Today, Smith proudly offers only the highest quality pump sprayers, backpack sprayers, mosquito foggers and more for home and professional use. Their sprayers are sold under the Roundup, Smith, Field King, Scotts, Smith Performance Sprayers, and Indian brands; while their foggers are sold under the Black Flag, Burgess, Cutter and Repel brands. You can find a selection of Smith sprayers, pumps, and water supply tanks at Ohio Power Tool.
  • Southwire Tools & Equipment
    Southwire is one of the world's leading developers, manufacturers and suppliers of building wire and utility cable, as well as the tools used in their installation. As such, they are continually improving their products, studying how they're used in the field, and assessing the needs of their customers to find new and better ways to solve the problems facing the industry. Southwire strives to ensure that every product they develop helps increase safety, improve productivity, reduce manpower, save time, and save money - both on and off the jobsite. Contractors and electricians who use Southwire products and services have come to know Southwire for their premium quality products, innovation, and performance reliability that deliver value. This is why we are happy to carry a wide range of products from Southwire at Ohio Power Tool. Stop in our store or on our website to shop Southwire jobsite lighting, cable pulling equipment, pipe bending equipment, fishtapes, hand tools, electrician tool kits, extension cords and more.
  • Spectra Precision Laser
    For more than 55 years, Spectra Precision has been an innovation leader in the construction industry worldwide. They understand what their customers need on the job every day, because they have always made communication and listening to their customers a top priority. Spectra employs the best engineers and technical specialists they can find to ensure that their reputation for innovation and quality never fades. Spectra Precision products are reliable and long-lasting, with an excellent Return on Investment value. Spectra Precision products are ruggedly designed to withstand harsh on-the-job conditions including drops from as much as three feet onto concrete; rain; mud; even brief immersion. Ohio Power Tool carries a variety of Spectra Precision lasers, laser levels, pipe lasers, laser distance meters, and accessories that are meant for real-world reliability.
  • Stabila
    Precise measurement is fundamental for manual work, so the accuracy of professional measuring tools is paramount. STABILA produces tough, durable, and accurate tools that can withstand any weather and the harshest construction site conditions. The product range comprises spirit levels, lasers, electronic measuring tools, folding rules, and tape measures. STABILA is a well-known, distinguished manufacturer of branded measuring tools of the highest quality. The STABILA brand can be found in over 70 countries and, in many of these, it is the market leader in important measuring technology sectors. Because of their quality products and dedication to their customer base, Ohio Power Tool is proud to offer a variety of STABILA products at our store. We carry STABILA torpedo levels, plate levels, laser levels, IP 65 TECH levels, Jamber Sets, and more. If you are in need of a dependable level, STABILA levels will not disappoint.
  • Steel Blue Work Boots
    Steel Blue is a premium safety footwear manufacturer, with head office based in Perth, Western Australia. Steel Blue sells their safety work boots direct to authorized Steel Blue Distributors in the United States of America, and Ohio Power Tool is happy to be selected as one of those premium destinations. Steel Blue is known for their innovative thinking, which continues to deliver the most comfortable, most durable, work boots. In fact, Steel Blue was the first Australian safety boot manufacturer to: develop a multilayer sole with extremely effective cushioning and shock absorption, utilize a Composite Toe Cap, which is airport-friendly and more lightweight than standard safety toe caps, and earn European Safety Footwear Certification CE EN ISO 20345 and USA Safety Footwear Certification ASTM F2413. If you are looking for high quality work boots, you can find a range of Steel Blue hiker style, steel toe, wellington style, and western safety boots at Ohio Power Tool.
    When STIHL was founded in the 1920’s, their main goal was to find a way to make the lives of people who work in outdoor environments much easier. By 1926 they had designed and built the first two-person electric chain saw which revolutionized the forestry industry. Since then, they have continued to expand their product line with innovative solutions for the everyday worker. They are now leaders in various industries because of their dedication to producing state-of-the-art outdoor power equipment. STIHL believes in the power of giving their customers an unparalleled purchasing experience. That is why STIHL products are only sold through authorized local STIHL dealers, not big box stores. Ohio Power Tool is proudly one of the Authorized Sales & Service Center for Stihl Power Equipment in the United States. The Stihl name carries a long line of trust among professionals in many different trades, from arborist to concrete professionals. Ohio Power Tool has a focus in the construction trades but offers a wide variety of Stihl products from Cutquik Concrete Saws to a range of Chainsaws from 10" to 25", Blowers, Full KombiSystems, Cordless Tools, Pressure Washers, Trimmers, and much more.
  • Sumner
    In the mid 60's, Joe Sumner realized that there was a great need for good welding tools and lifting equipment to make pipe installation easier and safer. Because there was little available on the market, Joe designed and fabricated his own equipment and used them at his current job. The results far exceeded his expectations. With Joe's tools, jobs were being completed well before scheduled completion dates and way under budget. From his success in the contracting field, Joe started Sumner Manufacturing by building products for the mechanical contractor based on his first-hand knowledge of what was required in the field. As the demand for Sumner equipment spread across the country, the range of Sumner products grew as well. Today Sumner tools are used daily in over 50 countries and Sumner branches are available in Canada, the UK and The Netherlands to better serve these markets. While Sumner is recognized as the leader in pipe handling equipment, their product range includes equipment for a wide variety of contractors, most of which can be found at Ohio Power Tool. All Sumner products are built with the concept of providing safe, common sense tools which are priced right.
  • Suncast Commercial
    As a market leader in high-quality resin, wood and metal products made in the U.S.A. for over 25 years, Suncast Commercial believe in constant change and innovation to make your life and job easier. They have been constantly committed to leading the way in highly intentional products to do just that. Their product categories include waste management, material handling, hospitality, storage and most recently, personal protective equipment. As a manufacturing facility, with over 2.5 million square feet of manufacturing and distribution warehouses, we are dedicated to designing innovative products for the commercial space. Ohio Power Tool carries a range of these products from Suncast Commercial including utility carts, platform trucks, utility trash cans, cart shields, face shields, and more.
  • Superior
    Superior Innovations, Inc. was started by Scott Brening in 2011. It all started with an idea that came to fruition due to his background in the concrete industry dating back to 1987. He started his own concrete finishing company specializing in residential patio, driveways, and pool decks. Since then, Superior has continued to grow into a global business, providing concrete finishing tools such as trowels, mounting plates, pro tilts, mounting brackets, and more. Ohio Power Tool is happy to be partnered with Superior to offer high-quality concrete finishing tools for our customers.
  • Surface Shields
    Trimaco has been committed to providing jobsite protection since 1906. Their products are essential for keeping professionals safe in the paint, construction, flooring, marine, disaster restoration, and automotive industries. They offer a wide selection of surface, personal, and jobsite protection products, from dust containment to protective wear, wipe cloths and heavy-duty surface protection. They also carry high quality drop cloths, masking paper, tape, and paint strainers. Ohio Power Tool is proud to offer a wide range of products from Trimaco because we trust their products to keep our hard-working customers safe on the jobsite. Trimaco is the ultimate source for all of your personal and jobsite safety needs.
  • Tamco Tools
    Tamco manufactures a complete line construction and demolition tools including hand, pneumatic, and paving breaker steel, stone tools, drill steel, maintenance bars, railroad track tools, and carbide-tipped drills. Since their start in 1951, they have been committed to providing high quality products and services to their customers. Other products sold by Tamco include air hammers and the repair accessories for them, and boom mount demolition bits. Headquartered in Pennsylvania, Tamco Tools has a strong reputation of creating best-in-class tools and equipment for industry professionals, many of which you can find at Ohio Power Tool.
  • United Abrasives Sait
    United Abrasives SAIT is a global leader in the abrasive products industry. Coming about following a merger between United Abrasives, Inc. and SAIT back in 1970, United Abrasives SAIT manufactures a vast array of reliable products for companies in North America and Europe that last longer and are safer than the competition. Their high-quality abrasive products include carbide burs, chop saw blades, fiber discs, flap discs (or flap wheels), grinding wheels, metal cutting carbide blades, portable saw blades, and much more. You can find a wide range of United Abrasives SAIT products at Ohio Power Tool for all of your cutting, grinding, sanding, and surface conditioning applications.
  • Werner Ladders & Fall Protection
    Werner offers a wide range of ladders and fall protection equipment to ensure safe working at heights. They also offer ladder accessories, scaffold systems, and ladder stabilizers to enhance ladder safety and stability. Trust Werner for high-quality products that prioritize safety and help you work with confidence.
  • Wheeler-Rex
    Wheeler Manufacturing has a reputation for being the first to produce groundbreaking products that set them apart from the competition. Thanks to their invention of the chain-type snap pipe cutter, Wheeler Manufacturing was established in 1957 and has been operating independently in the piping industry for over three decades – inventing even more pipe tools along the way (i.e., glass tube cutters, PVC pipe bevelers, sewer tapping machines, etc.). Then they were acquired by Rex Industries in 1988 and became the Wheeler-Rex we know today. Nowadays, Wheeler-Rex pipe tools are sold globally, as well as right here at Ohio Power Tool. We carry extensive lines of their professional pipe tools such as pumps, drilling and tapping tools, pipe cutters, pipe threading machines, plastic pipe tools, shut-off tools, valve exercisers, wrenches, and sockets. If you’re looking for the hardest working pipe tool around, look no further than Wheeler-Rex.
  • Wilton
    For more than 70 years, Wilton Tools has remained committed to being a top supplier of workholding and striking. These tools meet the company's promise to deliver quality, innovation, and durability. Started in Chicago in 1941 (and now headquartered in LaVergne, Tennessee), Wilton is best known for its rugged and reliable bench vises, machine vises, truck hitch vises, F-clamps, C-clamps, and most recently the Wilton BASH line of hammers and mauls. Ohio Power Tool proudly stocks an extensive selection of Wilton equipment – meeting demands of pros in any number of industries like mechanical, welding, woodworking.