Metabo Tools

Metabo's mission since their start has been to produce reliable tools that professionals can depend on. Staying true to this mission, Metabo has for a long time been an industry leader in building and metalworking tools. Their products are designed with the professional in mind, incorporating efficiency, reliability, and safety. Additionally, they specialize in a wide range of electric and cordless power tools, so Metabo has something to offer for any kind of work.

Metabo follows their "when it matters" philosophy to bring professionals around the world the most efficient tools and equipment when it matters most. They are the company you can depend on for high-quality electric tools, and Ohio Power Tool is the place to get them. Ohio Power Tool is proud to carry the full line of Metabo cordless tools, including drills, drivers, grinders, lights, sanding and metal fishing tools, saw and cutting tools, rotary hammers, batteries, and chargers. We also have an extensive line of electric tools such as right-angle grinders, die grinders, slicer cut-off wheels, and grinding wheels-- to name a few. Metabo has been a trusted partner of OPT for years because we believe in their dependable products and passion for innovation.