Diamond Products

Diamond Products makes some of the best core drills, cutting tools, and grinding machines available on the market today. This speaks to the quality of Diamond Products professional tools and accessories while also showcasing why they are an industry leader in diamond tools and equipment. The company's products, many of which are made in the U.S.A., include a wide range of diamond blades, and sawing, coring, and abrasive equipment. Diamond blade tools include everything from wet and dry saw blades to floor grinding blocks. The sawing category contains first-cut saws, walk behind concrete saws, masonry saws, concrete grinders, concrete polishers, and more. Coring tools and equipment covers everything from core drills (coring rigs, stands, Core Bore WEKA powered tools) to core bits (plate cutters, adaptors, extension rods, vacuum core bits, wet core bits, and dry core bits). Lastly, the abrasives category contains grinding cup wheels, metal cut-off wheels, grinding abrasives, flap wheels, and sanding products - to name a few. Ohio Power Tool is proud to carry these professional-grade tools, equipment, and accessories from Diamond Products.