Wheeler Manufacturing has a reputation for being the first to produce groundbreaking products that set them apart from the competition. Thanks to their invention of the chain-type snap pipe cutter, Wheeler Manufacturing was established in 1957 and has been operating independently in the piping industry for over three decades – inventing even more pipe tools along the way (i.e., glass tube cutters, PVC pipe bevelers, sewer tapping machines, etc.). Then they were acquired by Rex Industries in 1988 and became the Wheeler-Rex we know today.

Nowadays, Wheeler-Rex pipe tools are sold globally, as well as right here at Ohio Power Tool. We carry extensive lines of their professional pipe tools such as pumps, drilling and tapping tools, pipe cutters, pipe threading machines, plastic pipe tools, shut-off tools, valve exercisers, wrenches, and sockets. If you’re looking for the hardest working pipe tool around, look no further than Wheeler-Rex.