Gearwrench Tools

GearWrench, a member of Apex Tool Group, manufactures high-quality hand tools for skilled professionals in the vehicle service, industrial, aerospace, and technical education industries. Ever since they created the original patented five-degree ratcheting wrench back in 1996, GearWrench tools have been in high demand. But success and notoriety were not the endgame for them. They continued innovating, designing, and uncovering breakthroughs in pass-thru ratchets, sockets, screw/nut drivers, pliers, and specialty hand tools. To this day, over 70 million GearWrench products have been put to the test in shops, garages, facilities, and hangars all over the world. Ohio Power Tool is proud to carry GearWrench tools, including everything from combination wrenches and ratcheting wrenches to socket sets and tool storage products. Find the GearWrench tools you need today!