CS Unitec 2" High Power Portable Magnetic Drill w/ Swivel Base Magnet MAB 525 SB

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CS Unitec

2 High Power Portable Magnetic Drill w/ Swivel Base Magnet MAB 525 SB

The MAB 525 from CS Unitec is a high-power portable magnetic drilling machine that is ideal for production use. Equipped with a 2-speed; variable-speed; 14.5-Amp reversible motor; the MAB 525 is designed for continuous use with electronic torque control. Drill up to 2-1/2" dia. with annular cutters.


  • Swivel base magnet provides movement left; right; forward & backward.
  • Powerful and reliable.
  • Quick-change keyless cutter system.
  • Integrated cutting oil reservoir.
  • Automatic internal lubrication.
  • SafeMag: Green/Red LED magnetic force indicator for safe operation.
  • CoolMag: Magnet overheating protection.
  • Internal cable routing.
  • Simple; ergonomic arrangement of controls for one-handed operation.
  • Emergency-off function: electronic safety sensor shuts down drill motor if magnet loses contact with material to protect operator and equipment.
  • Uses annular cutters.
  • 1/2" geared chuck for twist drilling (Included).
  • Lubricants ideal for cutting steel; stainless steel and hard metals.


    Motor Power14.5 Amp / 110 Volt
    Hole Capacity2-1/2" dia.
    Twist Drill Capacity1" dia.
    Tapping Capacity15/16" dia.
    Speeds70-280 and 180-580 RPM
    Magnet Base SizeL: 7-1/8" x W: 3-1/2"
    DimensionsH: 19" x L: 11-3/4" x W: 6-3/4"
    Magnetic Force(1" plate)4500 lbs.
    Arbor Bore3/4" Weldon Shank
    Automatic LubricationIncluded
    Swivel BaseIncluded


  • (1) Magnetic drilling machine
  • (1) Quick-change arbor system KEYLESS Weldon 3/4"
  • (1) Manual arbor with set screws; Weldon 3/4"; MT3
  • (1) 3/4" geared Jacob's Chuck Adapter MT3 (P/N IBC 21)
  • (1) Safety chain
  • (1) Drift key MT3 (Order No. 5301)
  • (1) Tap collet adapter (1/4")
  • (1) Tap collet adapter (3/8")
  • (1) Tap collet adapter (1/2")
  • (1) Tap collet adapter (3/4")
  • (1) Warranty certificate
  • (2) Pilot pins - 1" and 2" depth
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