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Dustless Vac-Pod Transmitter Unit Tool-Sync D5250

Product Information

  • Vac-Pod used with your vacuum, requires a Tool-Pod to work with tool.
  • Because ToolSync is wireless, you are free to plug your vacuum into a different circuit than your power tool to eliminate the hassle of blowing fuses when using larger, higher amp power tools. There are no additional cords to wrestle with. The system requires a VacPod that connects to the vacuum power cord and a ToolPod that connects to the tool’s power cord.
  • ToolSync™ lets you start and stop your power tools and dust collection vacuum in synchronization without blowing fuses.
    • Tool-Pod works with any power tool
    • Vac-Pod works with any vacuum
    • Reduces trip hazard - less wires
    • Patent-pending technology
    • Recognizes up to 10 tools/ToolPods
    • Wireless radio operated
    • Quick and easy to set up

Condition: New

Manufacturer: Dustless Technologies

Dustless Vac-Pod Transmitter Unit Tool-Sync D5250


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