Power Team Air Hydraulic Pump PA6

Manufacturer: Power Team SPX Hydraulic Air Pumps

Power Team SPX Air Hydraulic Pump 6 cu. in/min 10,000 psi PA6



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Product Information

  • Power Team
  • Single-speed pump designed to drive single-acting cylinders or tools, are compact, lightweight and portable.
  • Operate with 40-100 psi standard shop air pressure at the pump. The air over hydraulic system uses this lower air pressure to builds hydraulic pressure to 10,000 PSI
  • Internal relief valves protect circuit components, air inlet filter protects motor.
  • All metal air motor, ductile iron pump. Serviceable pump motor is not a inthrow awayin, providing economical repair.
  • Foot peddle pump or treadle pump allows user to control the hydraulic pressure and flow for the system.
  • Air Supply Required (psi) 40-120
  • 105 cu.in. capacity. hydraulic fluid (about .45 gallons)
  • 6 cu. in. / min. at 10,000 psi
  • Dimensions (in inches):
  • A: 7 3/4
  • B: 5 7/8
  • C: 4 3/8
  • D: 9 1/2
  • E: 5
  • G: 4 x 9

Condition: New
Shipping/Dimentional Weight:19.00 lbs