Hougen 12,000 Series 6" Depth HSS Annular Cutters

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12,100 Series 6" Depth of Cut High Speed Steel Rotabroach Annular Cutter
With the most features of any annular cutter, Rotabroach cutters provide the best performance and value
Up to three times the cutting speed of twist drills and traditional tooling like twist drills, along with a longer tool life, a more accurate hole, and a better, burr-free finish
For use with Hougen Portable Magnetic Drills that require 3/4" Weldon shank
Made of hardened, high speed tool steel and precision ground to an exact outside diameter
Two flats for cutter mounting make for a rigid connection to you mag drill and offers twice to tool life when compared to quick change or one touch tool mounting systems
Only a thin are of material touches the outside of the hole, which provides for less friction and a better hole finish
Hougen-Edge tool geometry provides faster, smoother cuts with less chatter
A relief are between the slug and the cutter reduces horsepower required and improves slug ejection
Ground and fully fluted bits provide better chip evacuation, requires less HP and offers better performance in deeper holes
Hougen has been making Rotabroach cutters since they invented them in 1974 and still makes them today, right here in the USA
Most Rotabroach cutters can be resharpened, some up to 15 times depending on depth of cut and tool wear