With a history dating back to 1921, Powermatic has grown from a family-owned corn milling operation into one of the industry leaders in general purpose woodworking machinery. Aside from their storied development over time, Powermatic also maintains another unique claim to fame: they own their own foundry. This allows them to maintain the strictest control possible of their casting process and their trademark Meehanite process. This attention to detail and commitment to quality keeps Powermatic tools at the forefront of the woodworking industry.

As an authorized distributor of Powermatic woodworking tools, Ohio Power Tool is proud to carry nearly the entire line of Powermatic equipment:
  • Powermatic air filtration and dust collection
    • Offering air filtration systems and dust collector kits (with options including bag filters, canisters, and power up to 3HP), Powermatic tools keep the air at your jobsite free and clear.
  • Powermatic band saws
    • Ranging in cutting width capacity from 14"-24", operating in one to three phases, and delivering up to 5HP of sawing output, Powermatic band saws can handle even the most demanding woodworking.
  • Powermatic drill presses and mortisers
    • Are you in need of an 18" variable speed drill press? How about a benchtop deluxe or tilt table mortiser? Find the Powermatic equipment you need to create circular, square, or rectangular holes.
  • Powermatic jointers
    • Available Powermatic jointer options include 6"-8" capacities, several cutterheads (helical head cutter, quick-set and standard knives), and even parallelogram-capable models. Find the jointer you need at Ohio Power Tool.
  • Powermatic lathes
    • Second to none, Powermatic wood lathes are effective, efficient, and ergonomically designed. Shape your woodworking projects confidently with a Powermatic lathe.
  • Powermatic planers
    • Just as jointers prepare the short side of boards to be joined, planers ensure that excess material is removed (creating a flat surface) on their broad sides too. Powermatic planers can handle 15"-20" wood widths and come with helical cutterheads standard.
  • Powermatic sanders
    • When your wood piece is ready for a flat and smooth finish, a sander is the way to go. Powermatic sanders are capable of handling up to 25" of wood width, come with 5HP motors, and offer dual drum tuning.
  • Powermatic shapers
    • Ranging in power from 3HP to 5HP, Powermatic shapers offer supreme spindle control (through multi-speed capabilities) and shop mobility (via integrated caster system).
  • Powermatic table and cabinet saws
    • Powermatic table saws offer rip capacities of 30"-52". Powermatic cabinet saws offer similar cutting capacities of 30"-50". Find both right here at Ohio Power Tool.
  • Powermatic accessories
    • Powermatic powerfeeders are available from 1/4HP-1HP, in one-phase or three-phase operation, and with 3-4 wheels.
Have questions about Powermatic tools? Can't find the Powermatic woodworking tools you need? Want advice on the best Powermatic power tools for the job? The pros at Ohio Power Tool have the answers. Give us a call at 800-242-4424 today for immediate assistance.