Put Safety First With FallTech Fall Prevention Equipment

No matter if you are working high up on a roof, tower, or building or working low down in a pipe, mine, or cavern, the quality of your fall prevention equipment counts most when your life is on the line. FallTech, whose fall protection products are tested to exceed OSHA and ANSI standards, believes your on-the-job safety matters.

FallTech manufactures fall safety equipment to meet the needs of nearly any workplace environment:
  • Commercial construction
  • Electrical installation and maintenance
  • Petrochemical refining and procressing
  • Residential construction
  • Sewer and drain maintenance
  • Tower climbing
Some new and innovative fall prevention products created by FallTech and available from Ohio Power Tool include harnesses (both standard and tower climber), lanyards, safety anchorsself-retracting lifelines, rope grabs,  and tool belts for personal and professional safety. FallTech even makes specialty fall protection products, like confined space tripods, roofer kits, fall prevention combo kits, and fall safety systems. Combining quality, durability, and compliance in their heavy-duty fall prevention equipment, Falltech systems are sure to stand the test of time and endure even the harshest and most extreme work environments. To build your own personal fall arrest system, be sure to select an appropriate anchorage, harness, connector, and decelerator to ensure maximum fall protection.

Don't See The FallTech Fall Safety Equipment You Need?

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