Milwaukee MX Cordless

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Milwaukee MX Battery Platform

This new Milwaukee battery system goes directly at traditional gas powered light equipment & larger pneumatic market where tools like breakers, core drills and 14” cutoff saws have always stayed just out of reach of cordless solutions. At the heart of this new line is a brand new MX battery platform, a new brushless electric motor and RedLink technology similar to M18 line up just next level.

The goal is to eliminate emissions, noise, vibration, mixing oil/gas and other frustrations of gas engine maintenance. Milwaukee has continually showed a significant commitment to battery technology, and it appears they feel their tech is ready to take on these bigger jobs.

What is the MX Voltage?

Technically, MX FUEL runs at 72V Nominal (80V Max). More importantly, MX FUEL was developed from the ground up to withstand the most challenging applications and environments that equipment is subjected to on site. Milwaukee has choosen to move away from Voltage as a measure of power becuase it's so easily to manipulate for marketing purposes. Not all 72V systems are the same, MX is sure to stand on it's own for some time!