Exact PipeCut (2”- 11”) 280 Pro Series Pipe Cutter Circular Saw Roller System

Exact Pipe Cutting
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Exact Pipe Cutting

Exact PipeCut (2”- 11”) Pipecutter 280 Pro Series

This saw is ideal for cutting pipes due to its dual speed capability; automatic overload protection and torque control. It works through the material quickly and efficiently even on the hardest cast iron pipe. It is also suitable for cutting plastic pipes because it can cut easily through very thick pipe walls. The PipeCut 280E can also be attached to a shop vacuum to reduce clean-up time.


  • Much stronger 2500W 230V / 2200W 120V motor.
  • Electronics protecting the motor from overload and “traffic lights” guiding the operator.
  • Laser indicator for precise cutting.
  • Improved adjustment mechanism for straight cutting.
  • Professional quality - Made in EU.
  • Cuts steel pipes with wall thickness up to 20 / 12 mm.


    Voltage / Power230V / 2500W
    Voltage / Current110V; 120V / 15A
    No-Load speedI=1900 r/min; II=2885 r/min
    Blade diameter165mm (6.50”)
    Mounting bore62mm (2.44”)
    Weight15;5 kg (34;2 lbs)
    Range of use50mm – 280mm (2”- 11”)
    Max. pipe wall20mm (0.8”) steel / 230V12mm (0.5) steel / 120V45mm (2”) plastics
    Electronical unitBlade speed preselection; automatic fuse; soft start; torque control.
    Speed preselectionI = Stainless steel and acid-resistant steel; II = all other materials.
    Loading capacity of supports465 kg; 1025 lb (3 supports)
    Pipe Ø (OD)50mm – 280mm (2”- 11”)
    Wall thickness20mm (0.8”) steel / 230V 12mm (0.5") steel / 120V 45mm (2”) plastics
    Cuts the following pipe materialsSteel; copper; cast iron; stainless steel; acid-resistant steel; multi-layered materials and all plastics


  • PipeCut Bag 3
  • Exact PipeCut 280 Pro Series pipe saw
  • Operating instructions
  • Hex socket key 5 mm and 2 mm fitted to the machine
  • TCT 165 blade fitted to the machine
  • DVD video disc including instructions
  • Pipe Support 280; 4pcs
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