Lift All Wire Rope Eye & Eye 1/2"X 6' 6X19 IMP V-2 12IEEX6

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  • Lift All
  • All Wire Rope Eye & Eye 1/2X 6' 6X19 IMP V-2 12IEEX6
  • Specifications
  • Rope Diameter: 1/2"
  • Vertical (tons) : 2.5
  • Choker (tons): 1.9
  • V.Basket (tons): 5.1
  • Min. Sling Length: 2'6"
  • Eye size: 4" x 8"
  • Promotes Safety - Tuff-Tag for capacity and serial numbered identification for traceability. 
  • Saves Money - Least expensive; per capacity; of all steel slings; use of EIP; IWRC rope gives 15% greater capacity than IP; IWRC ropes. 
  • Saves Time - Countless combinations of sling terminations - hooks; chokers and thimbles are available to fit specific lift requirements.
  • Environmental Considerations 
  • Wire core wire rope (IWRC) must not be used at temperatures above 400F.
  • Fiber core wire rope (FC) must not be used at temperatures above 180F.  
  • Fiber core ropes should not be subjected to degreasing solvents
  • Inspection Criteria for Wire Rope Slings 
  • Remove slings from service when: End attachments; including hooks; are cracked; deformed or obviously worn; hook throat opening is increased more than 15%; hook is twisted out of plane by more than 10%
  • Download PDF Form HERE
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