Canvas Tool Bags

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Crescent 14" Tradesman Closed Top Tool Bag CTB1450
Crescent 14" Tradesman Open Top Tool Bag CTB1410
Crescent 17" Tradesman Closed Top Tool Bag CTB1750
Crescent 17" Tradesman Open Top Tool Bag CTB1710
Crescent 20" Contractor Tool Bag CTB2010
Crescent Tradesman Backpack CTB1000
Ergodyne Arsenal 5704 Abrasion Resistant Canvas 22 Pocket Tool Apron 13694
Ergodyne Arsenal Leather Bottom Bucket 5730
Ergodyne Arsenal Leather Bottom Bucket with Top 5730T
Ergodyne Arsenal Tool Backpack Dual Compartment 5843
Ergodyne Arsenal Topped Parts Pouch - Canvas 5528
Fluke C25 Large Soft Case for DMMs C25
Fluke Pack30 Professional Tool Backpack FLUKEPACK30
Ingersoll Rand 16" Tool Bag TB1
Ingersoll Rand 20" Tool Bag TB2
Ingersoll Rand 25" Tool Bag TB3
Klein 15 Pocket Electricians Tool Pouch 5243
Klein 22" Canvas Tool Bag 5102-22
Klein Soft-Side 12 Quart Jobsite Cooler 55601
Klein Tradesman Pro Rolling Tool Bag 55452RTB
Makita Contractor 21" x 9" Tool Bag 831303-9B
Makita Contractor 20" x 9" Tool Bag 831303-9
Metabo Tool Bag 18" Medium Duffel Bag 3 Pocket 600D Weather Resistant 657006000
Milwaukee 10" PACKOUT Tote 48-22-8310
Milwaukee 15" PACKOUT Tote 48-22-8315
Milwaukee 20" PACKOUT Tote 48-22-8320
Milwaukee Aerial Oval Bag 48-22-8276
Milwaukee Aerial Tool Apron 48-22-8290
Milwaukee Black Zippered Pouch 48-22-8180
Milwaukee Bucket Organizer Bag 48-22-8175
Milwaukee Canvas Utility Bucket 48-22-8270
Milwaukee Compact Electricians Work Pouch 48-22-8111
Milwaukee Contractor Work Belt with Suspension Rig 48-22-8120
Milwaukee Electrician's Pouch with Quick Adjust Belt 48-22-8112
Milwaukee Electrician's Work Belt 48-22-8110
Milwaukee Heavy Duty 16x9x8 Small Contractor Bag 50-55-3550
Milwaukee Heavy Duty 17x10x9 Medium Contractor Bag 48-55-3490
Milwaukee Heavy Duty 18x11x10 Medium Contractor Bag 50-55-3560
Milwaukee Heavy Duty 20.5x9x8 Medium Contractor Bag 48-55-3500
Milwaukee Heavy Duty 24.5x13x14 Large Contractor Bag 48-55-3530
Milwaukee Jobsite SoftSide Cooler 48-22-8250
Milwaukee Jobsite Storage Tool Backpack 48-22-8200
Milwaukee PACKOUT Cooler 48-22-8302
Milwaukee PACKOUT Tech Backpack 48-22-8301
Milwaukee PACKOUT Tech Bag 48-22-8300
Milwaukee Trapsnake Toilet Auger Case 48-22-2576
Milwaukee Trapsnake Urinal Auger Case 48-22-2577
Milwaukee Underground Utility Oval Bag 24 Pocket Solid Base 48-22-8275
Southwire Electrician Open Top Shoulder Pouch BAGESP
Ohio Power Tool offers tool boxes and bags to make transporting all your equipment as easy and comfortable as possible. These carrying bags are durable and offer enough space and pockets to hold your tools as well as any accessories you'll need. Provides shoulder straps and handle straps for easy carrying.