ICS Concrete Chain Saws

ICS Diamond Tools and Equipment is the gold standard for concrete chain saws that let you cut deeper, cleaner, quicker, and with more accuracy. Sure, these are bold claims, but the company puts them to the test time and again to show that they have some of the best concrete chainsaws on the market today. Already offering deeper cuts and squarer corners than the competition, ICS concrete chainsaws also reduce the frustration of trying to match up cuts from both sides, reduce the need for impact tools that may damage surrounding concrete or masonry, and prevent the over-cutting of corners.
Ohio Power Tool stocks full lines of gas-powered and hydraulic ICS concrete chain saws (12", 14", and 16" blade lengths) and masonry chain saws (15" and 20" blade lengths), as well as chains (Diamond PowerGrit, ProForce, and TwinMax), guide bars, water supplies, and more! With so many options available, it's easy to find an ICS chainsaw that's right for almost any job.