Flex Power Tools

FLEX is known for their high-performing and intelligent power tools. They are constantly exploring new technologies to enhance the productivity of all their products. FLEX tools combine intelligent power management, unmatched battery life, low heat output, and heavy-duty design to create a tool that does what other competitive models can't. 

The FLEX 24V system features game-changing power that outworks, outperforms, and outlasts the competition. Experience the FLEX advantage with the 24V Lithium Battery Platform that runs 42% cooler than their competitors and has a 25% longer runtime. These tools are built to last with shock-resistant design, compact power, and precise control all wrapped into one. If you're looking for a powerful tool that does most of the work for you, FLEX is sure to have the perfect one. Ohio Power Tool carries a wide range of FLEX power tools and equipment to tackle any job that comes your way.