Tub-O Towels 90 Towel Canister Heavy Duty Cleansing Wipes TW90

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Tub-O Towels

90 Towel Canister Heavy Duty Cleansing Wipes TW90

Tub O’ Towels industrial-strength wipes are specially formulated to be tough on grease; tar; ink; paint; dirt; grime and many other messes. While designed to clean thousands of surfaces including your auto interior and exterior; leather; vinyl; metal; walls; floors; outdoor furnitureand so much more; these wipes are excellent at cleaning your hands.


  • 10x12" Over-Sized Wipe is bigger; stronger and tougher to ensure maximum durability and performance.
  • 100% Solution Soaked wipes; from the first to the last; come out of the container saturated and ready to work hard.
  • Contains No Harsh Chemicals; only biodegradable detergents; solvents and emulsifiers that go to work dissolving grease and dirt. Foaming agents lift grime off the surface so it can easily be wiped away.
  • Durable Fiber Weave wicks up moisture; enhances scrubbing and grabs dirt; while the quilted design of Tub O’ Towels offers cushioning and surface texture.
  • Vaporlock Canister is made of heavy-gauge plastic with locking lid to minimize solution evaporation.
  • Tough On Dirt. Gentle On Hands. Our wipes contain aloe; Vitamin E and lanolin to protect your hands and leave them clean and soft. Our heavy duty cleaning wipes do not contain disinfecting or antibacterial properties.
  • Pleasant Citrus Fragrance.
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