Milwaukee RedZone at Ohio Power Tool

MX Battery Platform

This is a bold and unapologetic shot at the traditionally gas powered light equipment & larger pneumatic market where tools like breakers, core drills and 14” cutoff saws have always stayed just out of reach of cordless solutions. At the heart of this new line is a brand new battery platform, and a new electric motor.

The first question, is why. The answer is pretty obvious to any tradesman who deals with the emissions, noise, vibration, mixing oil/gas and other frustrations of gas maintenance. Milwaukee has continually showed a significant commitment to battery technology, and it appears they feel their tech is ready to take on these bigger jobs.

TRY Before You BUY!

Did you know Ohio Power Tool offers a Rental program? We've expanded our rental fleet with Milwaukee's latest MX line. You can rent the MX Core Drill, Cut-Off Saw or Breaker and if you decide to purchase the item, we'll deduct the rental fee (up to one week) that you've already spent from the purchase price! (NOTE: Rental items are IN-STORE only!)