Powermatic Black Friday

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Chicago Pneumatic CP0022 Sinker Drill 7/8" x 3-1/4" 8900002001
Powermatic 15HH 15" Planer with Helical Cutterhead 1791213
Powermatic 209 20" Planer 1791296
Powermatic 209 20" Planer w/ Helical Cutterhead 1791315
Powermatic 4224B Wood Lathe 1794224K
Powermatic 54A 6" Deluxe Jointer w/ Quick-Set Knives 1791279DXK
Powermatic 54HH 6" Jointer w/ Helical Cutterhead 1791317K
Powermatic 60C 8" Jointer 1610084K
Powermatic 60HH 8" Jointer w/ Helical Head Cutter 1610086K
Powermatic 64B 30" Tablesaw 1791229K
Powermatic DDS225 25" Dual Drum Sander 1791290
Powermatic PJ882 8" Parallelogram Jointer w/ Standard Knives 1610079
Powermatic PJ882HH 8" Parallelogram Jointer w/ Helical Cutterhead 1610082
Powermatic PM1000 Table Saw 30" Maximum Rip Capacity 1791000K
Powermatic PM1000 Table Saw 52" Maximum Rip Capacity 1791001K
Powermatic PM1200 Air Filtration System 1791330
Powermatic PM1300 Dust Collector w/ Bag Filter Kit 1791078K
Powermatic PM1300 Dust Collector with Canister Kit 1791079K
Powermatic PM1500 15" Bandsaw 1791500
Powermatic PM1800B 18" 5HP 3-Phase Bandsaw 1791801B
Powermatic PM1800B 18" 5HP Single Phase Bandsaw 1791800B
Powermatic PM1900 3HP Dust Collector w/ Bag Filter Kit 1792071K
Powermatic PM1900 3HP Dust Collector w/ Canister Kit 1792072K
Powermatic PM2000 30" Cabinet Saw 3HP 1792002K
Powermatic PM2000 50" Cabinet Saw 5HP w/ Workbench 1792017K
Powermatic PM2003 30" Cabinet Saw w/ Rout-R-Lift 3HP 1792003K
Powermatic PM2005 50" Cabinet Saw 3 Phase 5HP 1792005K
Powermatic PM2013B 20" 5HP 3-Phase Bandsaw 1791258B
Powermatic PM2013B 20" 5HP Single Phase Bandsaw 1791257B
Powermatic PM2415B 24" 5HP 3-Phase Bandsaw 1791260B
Powermatic PM2415B 24" 5HP Single Phase Bandsaw 1791259B
Powermatic PM2700 3HP Shaper 1280100C
Powermatic PM2700 5HP Shaper 1280101C
Powermatic PM701 Benchtop Deluxe Mortiser 1791310
Powermatic Powerfeeder PF-31 - 1HP 1 Phase 3 Wheel 1790807K
Powermatic Powerfeeder PF-33 - 1HP 3 Phase 3 Wheel 1790800K
Powermatic Powerfeeder PF-41 - 1HP 1 Phase 4 Wheel 1790812K
Powermatic Powerfeeder PF-43 - 1 HP 3 Phase 4 Wheel 1790811K
Powermatic PWBS 14" Bandsaw 1791216K
Powermatic Tilt Table Mortiser 719T with Stand 1791264K
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