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Milwaukee Spline 29.5" Max-Lok Extension 48-20-6972

Product Information

  • Milwaukee
  • Easy to use
  • Allows SDS-MAX bits to drill deeper and in tight spaces by extending SDS-MAX bits up 82"
  • Offers the ability to extend SDS-MAX bits and be driven with an SDS-MAX rotary hammer
  • Adapts to either an SDS-PLUS or Spline rotary hammer
  • Designed for maximum energy transfer to maintain drilling productivity
  • Extensions range in length from 12.5” to 82.5”
  • Extensions offer an SDS-MAX, SDS-PLUS, or Spline shank at one end fitting into the rotary hammer and an SDS-MAX shank at the other end, to connect to the Max-Lok connection
  • Connection piece securely locks the two SDS-MAX shanks (bit and extension) together allowing for maximum versatility

Manufacturer: Max-Lok System

Milwaukee Spline 29.5" Max-Lok Extension 48-20-6972



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