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Milwaukee Large Hole System Adapter Spline 48-20-5075

Product Information

  • Milwaukee
  • For Deep Hole Drilling, use the Milwaukee Fluted LHS Drilling System Bit and choose the shank to suit your Hammer, either Spline (48-20-5075) or SDS MAX (48-20-5077)
  • Can be used with extension 48-20-5079 to add 11 inches of drilling depth. The 11 inch extensions can be coupled between the Shank and the Turbo Tunnel bit for extra deep hole drilling with Milwaukee Turbo Tunnel Bits
  • Milwaukee's Turbo Tunnel Bits are ideal for large hole drilling where the depth of the hole exceeds the practicality of a Core Bit. Holes up to 36 inches deep can be drilled, however, drilling speed and efficiency are diminished by the use of multiple extensions. Use with SDS MAX or Spline Drive Adapters depending on the Hammer used. Can also use 11 inch extension 48-20-5079

Condition: New

Manufacturer: Milwaukee Large Hole System

Milwaukee Large Hole System Adapter Spline 48-20-5075


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