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Milwaukee 4 pc Step Bit Set (#1, #4, #7, #12) 48-89-9223

Product Information

  • Milwaukee
  • Step Drill Bit
  • Jam free performance and dual flute design prove greater speed and control
  • Optimized for cordless drills and high speed for fast drilling
  • Rapid strike tip creates fast, accurate starts and generates less heat
  • Up to four times longer bit life - Optimized geometry with black oxide coating to cut faster and produce less heat
  • Up to 50% more holes per battery charge for greater user productivity
  • Laser engraved reference marks for easy stops on any hole size
  • 3-Flat secure grip shanks reduce bit slippage in the chuck
  • Made in the USA

Condition: New

Manufacturer: Milwaukee Step Bits

Milwaukee 4 pc Step Bit Set (#1, #4, #7, #12) 48-89-9223


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