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CS Unitec 7" Concrete Grinder EBS 180 H Walk Behind Stand 37217

Product Information

  • CS Unitec
  • Optional walk-behind cart that works with the EBS 180 H (NOT INCLUDED) allows for comfortable operation when working on large areas - eliminates kneeling and bending
  • The EBS 180 H 7" hand-held concrete grinder removes epoxy, paint and other coatings, as well as prepares new concrete surfaces before applying new paints or coatings. This grinder is solidly built with a 20 AMP, 2500-watt motor to enable a high load capacity running 7" diameter diamond wheels at 9500 RPM. It is especially suited for hard jobs, such as the grinding of two-component adhesives or leveling concrete.
  • Fast removal of epoxy, glue, paint & other hard coatings
  • Smooth rough surfaces or clean concrete before applying new paint or coatings
  • Walk-behind operation is comfortable for operator when working on large areas - eliminates kneeling & bending 
  • Powerful 20 AMP Motor with high load capacity
  • Collect dust for clean working area with CS Unitec's CS 1225 or CS 1500 Dust Extraction Vacuum
  • High-performance motor is located above the diamond grinding wheel, away from dust, to extend the life of the grinder
  • Brush shield allows the user to adjust the height of the grinder to protect the unit against dust, dirt & stones
  • Electronic features include soft start, temperature control, overcurrent cut-off & constant speed 
  • Standard Equipment: 7" Diamond Grinding Wheel
  • Accessories: 7" Diamond Grinding Wheel for epoxy, adhesives, paint, & hard coatings (P/N 253.117), 7" Diamond Grinding Wheel for clear (uncoated) concrete (P/N 37112)
  • Power: 20 A
  • Rated Voltage [V]: 110
  • Load Speed [rpm]: 6000
  • Weight [lbs]: 18

Condition: New

Manufacturer: CS Unitec Grinding & Polishing Tools

CS Unitec 7" Concrete Grinder EBS 180 H Walk Behind Stand 37217


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