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PLS3 Green Plumb and Level Point to Point 3 Dot Laser 60595

Product Information

  • Pacific Laser Systems
  • PLS3 Green Plumb and Level Point-to-Point 3 Dot Laser 60595
  • The PLS3 laser provides point-to-point indoors and outdoors alignments information quickly and easily. It does not emit lines, only points.
  • Production framers, HVAC, electrical contractors and industrial technicians will drastically reduce layout time for walls, fixtures, pipe, conduit, door and window frames, and more.
  • The PLS3 is self-leveling to 6 degrees, and accurate to 1/4 of an inch at 100 feet. It is compact, durable, and at just 12 ounces - the PLS3 is definitely portable. The cantilevered nose makes for easy sight of the down beam over the track and plates.
  • The PLS3 from Pacific Laser Systems means no more plumb lines swinging in the wind and makes traditional construction levels obsolete.
  • Includes carrying pouch, floor stand, and magnetic wall bracket.

Condition: New

Manufacturer: PLS Plumb and Level Point-to-Point Lasers

PLS3 Green Plumb and Level Point to Point 3 Dot Laser 60595


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