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Spray-On LU 208 Metal Cutting Oil S00208

Product Information

  • Krylon Industrial
  • Spray-On LU 208 Cutting Oil S00208
  • Sprayon LU208 Cutting Oil is an excellent lubricant specifically formulated for all ferrous and non-ferrous machining operations
  • Extends tool life, reducing tool sharpening and downtime
  • Utilizes a unique combination of friction reducing triglycerides which aides in a high degree of fluid film production
  • Aerosol jet spray for pin point accuracy
  • Works on ferrous and soft metals
  • Clings to surfaces
  • Reduces friction and wear
  • Case 12 - Call for volume discounts

Condition: New

Manufacturer: Sprayon Industrial Lubricants

Spray-On LU 208 Metal Cutting Oil (BOX 12) S00208


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