ICS Concrete Chain Saw 680GC 12"" Gas Power with TwinMax Chain 545058

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ICS Concrete Chain Saw 680ES 12" Gas Power TwinMax-29 Chain 576154



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Built to meet the operational and flexibility demands of the general construction audience, the 680GC stands alone in terms of reliability and value. Packed with innovations and loaded with dependability, the 680GC is the perfect saw for the less frequent user. The distinctive black powerhead houses redesigned carburetion and ignition systems that work together to ensure easy starting, cooler operation, and dependable performance at just about any elevation. Improved airflow design keeps the engine much cooler, extending its life. Available with 12 (30 cm) and 14 (35 cm) guidebars and the entire line of TwinMAX diamond chain.

  • POWERHEAD: 680ES 576155
  • BAR: 12" (30cm) 71395
  • CHAIN: 12" TwinMax-29 Chain 584290
  • ENGINE SPEED: 11500 +/- 500 rpm, 2800-3200 rpm idle
  • HORSEPOWER: 5 hp (3.7 kW) @ 9500 rpm
  • ENGINE TYPE: 2-stroke, single cylinder, air cooled
  • DISPLACEMENT: 4.7 cu. inch (76.5 cc)
  • CHAIN SPEED: 5300 fpm (27 m/s), free running
  • POWERHEAD DIMENSIONS: 18" (45 cm) Length, 11.5" (29 cm) Height, 10" (25 cm) Width
  • NOISE LEVEL: 100 dBA @ 3 ft (1 m)
  • VIBRATION LEVEL: 10.5 meters/second2 (front handle)
  • WATER SUPPLY: Minimum 20 psi (1.5 bar)
  • FUEL MIX RATIO: 25:1 (4%) fuel-to-oil
  • FUEL CAPACITY: 0.23 gal (.88 liter), 15-18 minutes run time per tank
  • Recommended for pre cutting:HD MAXX ORANGE WET/DRY HIGH SPEED BLADE 12" X .235

Chain Selection Chart:

PART NUMBERDESCRIPTION576155 ICS 680ES Powerhead576154 ICS 680ES-12 GC Package,with 12 in/30 cm Guidebar & TwinMax Chain576153 ICS 680ES-14 GC Package,with 14 in/35 cm Guidebar & TwinMax Chain 71400ICS TwinMAX-29 chain 12 in/30 cm71486 ICS TwinMAX-32 chain 14 in/35 cm71704 ICS TwinMAX-29 Plus chain 12 in/30 cm71705 ICS TwinMAX-32 Plus chain 14 in/35 cm71554 ICS TwinMAX-29 Abrasive chain 12 in/30 cm71610 ICS TwinMAX-32 Abrasive chain 14 in/35 cm71395 ICS 680GC Guidebar 12 in/30 cm513122 ICS 680GC Guidebar 14 in/35 cm70949 ICS 680GC Drive Sprocket73935 ICS 680ES Premium Tensioner Kit71521 Tensioning Scrench

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Shipping/Dimentional Weight:22.00 lbs
MPN: 576154