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Simpson Strong Tie BGP300 System QDBGP300G2K

Product Information

  • Simpson Strong-Tie
  • BGP300 System QDBGP300G2K
  • The Quik Drive BGP300 Metal Roofing/Siding System is ideal for metal roofing and siding because it speeds installation of wahered screws while providing consistent results.
  • Features
  • Patented belt collation enables auto-feed fastening of screws with EPDM-backed washers
  • Profile guide on nosepiece ensures uniform screw placement
  • The extension enables stand-up fastening on roofs
  • Depth control prevents over-driving
  • Designed to eliminate skipped screws, reducing screw waste (patent pending)
  • Easy loading keeps work moving
  • Screws available in 10 colors to match popular roofing-panel colors
  • The BGP300 does not include a screwdriver motor.
  • Applications
  • Metal Roofing and Siding: Exposed Fastener
  • Included Parts
  • Quik Drive® BGP300 Metal-Roofing/Siding Attachment
  • Quik Drive® Profile Guide - 2 – models PPROFILEGUIDE11 and PPROFILEGUIDE32 (flat and AG panel).
  • Quik Drive® Driver Bits - 2 lobular hex-head driver bits (1/4" and 5/16").
  • Quik Drive® Extension - 16" extension for stand-up driving.
  • Quik Drive® Tool Case – PRO Kits

Condition: New

GTIN: 746056989813

Manufacturer: Simpson Strong-Tie Quik Drive Systems

Simpson Strong-Tie Quik Drive BGP300 Metal Roofing/Siding System QDBGP300G2K


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