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RIDGID K-60SP-SE Sectional Drain Cleaning Machine w/ Tool and Cable Kits 66497

Product Information

  • A compact machine for institutional, commercial or residential cleaning. Also ideal for septic tank vacuum truck operators. Small enough to fit into cramped spaces, yet powerful enough to clear tough blockages.
  • Ideal for rooftop vent stacks. Rear handle allows for easy transporting up ladders and onto rooftops.
  • Unique, easy-to-use, instant-acting cable clutch maximizes operator control.
  • Push handle down, cable spins at 600 RPM.
  • Release handle, cable stops instantly, no overrun to kink or damage to cable.
  • Simple adjustment knob allows unit to spin both 7/8" (22mm) and 5/8" (16mm) diameter cable. Adjusts in seconds.
  • 7/8" cable (C-10) cleans 2" to 4" lines through 150 feet.
  • 5/8" cable (C-7, C-8, C-9) cleans 1 1/4" to 4" lines through 125 feet.
  • Remove only two bolts to access jaw set for cleaning or replacement. Removal of same bolts provides access to belt drive.
  • Equipped with 1/2 HP motor.
  • CSA approved.
  • Approved to UL standards (NRTLC).
  • K-60SP-SE Includes
  • K-60SP Machine.
  • A-1 Operator’s Mitt.
  • A-60-12 Rear Guide Hose.
  • A-62 Cable Kit, includes:
  •  A-8 Cable Carrier.
  •  Five Sections Of C-10, 7/8" Cable, Total 75 Feet.
  • A-61 Tool Kit, includes:
  •  T-101 Straight Auger.
  •  T-102 Funnel Auger.
  •  T-107 Spade Cutter.
  •  T-125 Retrieving Auger.
  •  T-150-1 Sharktooth Cutter.
  •  A-3 Tool Box.
  •  A-12 Pin Key.

Condition: New

Manufacturer: RIDGID Drain Cleaning Sectional & Drum Machines

RIDGID K-60SP-SE Sectional Drain Cleaning Machine w/ Tool and Cable Kits 66497


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