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Multiquip Micon High Cycle Controllers VC1A

Product Information

  • Multiquip
  • Controller for (1) vibrator, 120VAC, 60 Hz
  • A patented process in conjunction with a microprocessor converts standard 120-Volt, 60-cycle current into 58-Volt, 360Hz. This controller constantly monitors the power demand generated by the vibrator head submerged into concrete and instantly adjusts the exciter rpm to meet the power demand to maintain a constant 12,000 vpm.
  • Portable controller with convenient carrying handle
  • Utilizes standard 120VAC power outlet. No need for a specialized generator
  • Wrap-around frame protects the controller from accidential damage
  • Rubber cover acts as a rain shield and protects internal components
  • Single outlet for vibrator

Condition: New

Manufacturer: MQ Concrete Vibrators

Multiquip Micon High Cycle Controllers VC1A


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