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Multiquip Rammax Viper Pro Series Fame Roller RX1510C24

Product Information

  • Multiquip
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  • The RX1510C24 articulated trench roller is designed for compacting clay and other cohesive materials. A maintenance-free articulation joint also oscillates for improved stability and compaction in harsh job site conditions. The RX1510C24 model also features a cable control.
  • The RX1510C Viper has a number of features designed to enhance productivity and reduce maintenance:
  • Steel construction provides superior strength and durability compared to designs that use plastic.
  • Oscillation provides better stability and maintains contact with the soil for optimum compaction.
  • Turning radius on the Viper is enhanced by placing the hydraulic cylinder inside the frame of the roller.
  • Maintenance free articulation requires no greasing-ever.
  • Patented Z-frame design with overlapping drums leaves no space un-compacted as the roller makes a pass.
  • Patented SCT Straight Compaction Technology delivers equal amplitude to all four drums by positioning each eccentric perpendicular to drum rotation for better compaction. Heavy-duty latches secure the front and rear cowlings and require no greasing.
  • Patented above drum exciter with vibrator motor access panels for easy service access.
  • Variable centrifugal force enables you to adjust the compaction force to your application. Select between 15,543 pounds of force in the high setting and 7,606 pounds of force in the low setting.
  • Simple drive system features a drive motor in each drum and eliminates hoses that can complicate service.
  • Patented internal drum scrapers prevent dirt build up between the drums and reduces cleanup time.
  • Large radiator keep engine operating temperatures very low during extreme applications.
  • Radiator protected by the steel roller frame preventing damaged caused by equipment bucket or by accidental tip over.
  • Automatic idle control returns engine to idle if the machine is inactive. Helps save fuel and extend engine life.
  • Failure diagnostic system for quick troubleshooting.
  • Unit Specifications
  • Centrifugal Force - High 15543 lb 69.14 kN
  • Centrifugal Force - Low 4606 lb 20.49 kN
  • Articulation Angle 30 °
  • Oscillation Angle 8 °
  • Vibrations Per Min. 2460 VPM 41 Hz
  • Travel Speed - High 125 ft/min. 38 m/min.
  • Travel Speed - Low 52 ft/min. 16 m/min.
  • Fuel Tank Capacity: 6.6 gal 24.98 L
  • Hydraulic Oil
  • Tank Capacity: 10.8 gal 40.88 L
  • Drum Specifications
  • Drum Width 24 in 610 mm
  • Drum Diameter 20.7 in 526 mm
  • Dynamic Linear Force
  • Per Drum 325 lb/in 58 kg/mm
  • Dimensions & Weights
  • Overall Length 73 in 1854 mm
  • Overall Width 24 in 610 mm
  • Overall Height 45.7 in 1161 mm
  • Operating Weight 3373 lb 1530 kg

Condition: New

Manufacturer: MQ Walk-Behind Rollers

Multiquip Rammax Viper Pro Series Fame Roller RX1510C24


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