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Dustless 12ft Hose for Wet/Dry Vac 14251

Product Information

  • Dustless
  • The 12 foot flexible hose for the Dustless Wet Dry Vacuum is very durable, crush-proof and flexible. It won't kink or deform if you step on it, or if a vehicle drives over it. If it does ever get damaged, it's easy to simple cut off the damaged portion and re-attach the cuffs. The cuffs simply screw onto to the coils of the hose. Simple, reliable and durable.
  • The flexible hose is also available in a 25 foot length; and a Y Splitter is also available so more than one person can use the same vacuum for dust control at the same time. This is a popular configuration on jobsites where multiple workers are performing grinding, cutting, surface preparation or drywall sanding operations.

Condition: New

Manufacturer: Dustless Technologies

Dustless 12ft Hose for Wet/Dry Vac 14251


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