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CS Unitec 6.5 HP AirForce F4 15" Concrete Chain Saw CS 536163-2

Product Information

  • CS Unitec
  • CS Unitec developed the high-performance CS 536163 pneumatic concrete cutting chain saws for the professional concrete cutter. This series of professional saws is built tough to stand up to everyday use in the harsh environment of concrete cutting.
  • The unique versatility of a concrete cutting chain saw includes the ability to cut small mechanical openings, deep plunge cuts (up to 15" deep and 14" square), perfect corners and an endless variety of irregular shapes that are simply not possible with circular saws.
  • Perfect corners. 
  • Reliable and easy to maintain. No belts, carburetors or fuel lines to maintain. 
  • Stretch Reduction System (SRS) maximizes chain life and reduces need for adjustments. 
  • Dependable, powerful pneumatic power, 6.5 HP.
  • No gas or engine fumes to deal with
  • Air Motor Power 6.5 HP (5 KW) 
  • Operating Speed 5,700 RPM (avg. free running)
  • 4,900 sfm (avg. free running chain)  
  • Length x Height x Width 20" x 10.5" x 12"
  • (58.5 cm) x (26.5 cm) x (30.48 cm) 
  • Air Supply Requirements *  124 CFM @ 90 PSI 
  • Water Requirements Minimum 1 GPM / Minimum 20 PSI
  • Operational weight: 33lbs
  • Includes 15" Bar & 29 Segment Diamond Cutting Chain

Condition: New

Manufacturer: CS Unitec Concrete Saws

CS Unitec 6.5 HP AirForce F4 15" Concrete Chain Saw CS 536163-2

CSCS 536163-2

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