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Dustless Dustie 5" Grinder Vacuum Dust Guard D1836

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  • Dustie® Dust Shroud - The Dustless Technologies Dustie provides for dust-free concrete grinding. The Dustie captures 99% of airborne particles at the point of origin, never letting them contaminate your environment. The Dustie fits easily on most hand grinders. And with the premium quality double row turbo diamond cup wheel, you can successfully tackle tough concrete jobs.
  • Protects Workers’ Health and Eliminates Cleanup - The Dustless Technologies Dustie meets OSHA guidelines and improves worker health and safety. Designed to be used with the Dustless Wet Dry Vacuum for effective dust control, the Dustie® keeps particles from escaping, and the vacuum keeps dust contained. Simply attach the vacuum hose to the Dustie®, and you won't have to worry about leaving a film or cleaning up messes. The Dustie's innovative design keeps your work environment clean and safe.
  • Meet EPA guidelines for lead paint removal in renovation projects - Dustie is an ideal tool for renovation contractors who have to use point-of-origin dust collection tools to comply with EPA regulations covering lead paint removal. Renovation contractors seeking to get certified by the EPA to perform renovation work on projects that involve lead paint removal are required to use "point-of-origin" a dust control shroud on hand grinders like the Dustie, along with a HEPA vacuum. The Dustless HEPA Vacuum uses a certified HEPA filter. Traditional shop vacuums retrofitted with off-the-shelf HEPA filters are not certified and can result in large fines. The Dustless HEPA Vacuum is also priced to be affordable to independent contractors.
  • Fits Most Grinders with Ease - The Dustless Technologies Dustie is designed to fit most four-to-five-inch grinders, including Makita, Bosch, Dewalt, and more. The attachment collar of the Dustie is a Flex-Flange™, which spreads and contracts to fit any make of hand grinder. Simply slide the Dustie onto the grinder and then tighten the band clamp around the flange. You may need to trim the tips of the Flex-Flange™ to adjust the height to fit your specific grinder.

Condition: New

Manufacturer: Dustless Technologies

Dustless Dustie 5" Grinder Vacuum Dust Guard D1836


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