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FallTech Kevler Choker Anchor Sling 7245

Product Information

3' Choker anchor sling is constructed using 1-3/4" Kevlar® webbing sewn in a continuous loop. Wraps around I-beams and other properly rated structural members, passes through itself and cinches down Kevlar® is highly resistant to cuts, abrasion, heat and slag. This anchor sling is ideally suited to the most extreme job-sites! Uses a standard D-ring for connection to deceleration device.

•Rated at over 5,000 lbs.
•Ideal for I-beams and other properly rated structural members.
•Kevlar® webbing is resistant to extreme temperatures, cuts and abrasion.
•Economical and light weight: can be used over and over again.
•Meets the requirements of OSHA 1926 and ANSI Z359.

Condition: New

Manufacturer: Falltech Multi-Purpose Anchorage

FallTech Kevlar Choker Anchor Sling 7245


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