Gray Wireless Portable Lift System WPLS-190 (SET OF 4) 76,000 lbs GRAWPLS-185

Manufacturer: Gray Portable Wireless Lift Systems

Gray Wireless Portable Lift System WPLS-190 (SET OF 4) 76,000 lbs WPLS-185


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Wireless Portable Lift System WPLS-190 (SET OF 4) 76,000 lbs GRAWPLS-190

The WPLS-190 is a 76,000 lb capacity, 24 volt mobile column. The WPLS -185 features the industry's original wireless communication system and state of the art touch screen graphic control system, providing the user with the most reliable and safe lifting environment. The WPLS-190 has no external wires or cords providing clear safe access to the undercarriage of the vehicle. When used at full operating height the WPLS-190 provides the user with a lift height of 69 inches of free-and-clear access perfect for preventative maintenance, transmission removal and installation, clutch replacements, and with single and paired operation make easy work of axle, brake, and wheel work.

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    • 76,000 lb capacity for a systemset of four
    • 114,000 lb capacity for a systemset of six
    • For use on heavy motor coaches, recreational vehicles, also, fire, waste and concrete trucks.
    • *Standard 24 volt operating system provides 20-30 lifting cycles before battery recharge
    • No high voltage requirements
    • Eliminates the hidden up-frontpower installation costs
    • Allows technicians to take the lifting system to the job
    • No worries about interrupted power service
    • A 110 volt on-board multi-stagecharging system is built into each unit. Simply plug in to anordinary 110 outlet to recharge the power system. The charger is rated at an input of 100-230VAC 4 Amps.


    • The Patented Gray Wireless Portable Lift System provides your technicians an average work height of 81 inches free-and clear access under the vehicle. No cables to connect, navigate around, roll over or replace.
    • 200 channel capable operating system with patent pending controls
    • Moving and aligning individual lift units is made easy by virtue of the precise balanced design, spring loaded wheel components and the versatile lift and steer handle design.
    • The system maintains synchronization employing digital encoders to ensure maximum reliability.
    • Integral holding valve provides precise control
    • 10 screen wifi enabled computer operates column


    Capacity 19,000 lbs / 8,618 kg
    Average Work Height 81" / 205.74 cm
    Power 24 volt
    Charging Voltage 110v
    Average Lift Cycles 18-22
    Handle Design Pallet Jack
    Carriage Type Adjustable
    Min Wheel Diameter 5" / 12.7 cm
    Max Wheel Diameter 24.5" / 62.23 cm
    Max Tire Diameter 47" / 119.38 cm
    Configuration 2-4-6-8

    Condition: New

    Unit Of Measure: 4