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Manufacturer: Lift-All Cargo Control Tie Downs

Stren-Flex 2" x 27" Ratchet Strap W/Wire Hook (Curved) RTD1027PWH


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Product Information

  • Stren-Flex
  • 2" x 27" Ratchet Strap W/Wire Hook (Curved) RTD1027PWH
  • Synthetic slings are made of nylon and polyester to suit various applications. When choosing a material, STREN-FLEX recommends considering a materials resistance to specific chemicals, temperature, and stretch factor. STREN-FLEX recommends nylon web slings for most web sling applications, and polyester roundslings are useful in applications requiring low stretch and acid resistant materials. All standard STREN-FLEX slings are sewn using nylon webbing unless polyester webbing is specified by the customer
  • All synthetic web ratchet tie downs feature a heavy duty ratcheting device and heavy duty nylon or polyester webbing (click for comparison of nylon and polyester). Stren-Flex manufactures synthetic web tie downs making it easy to chose variable individual leg lengths, web widths and end fittings. Tie downs are available with 1" to 4" webbing and multiple end fittings.
  • Width: 2"
  • Length: 27"
  • Working Load Limit: 3,335 Lbs.

Condition: New

GTIN: RTD1027Pwh