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Manufacturer: Milwaukee TICK Tool & Equipment Tracking

Milwaukee TICK Tool and Equipment Tracker (10 Pk) 48-21-2010


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Product Information

  • Milwaukee
  • TICK Tool and Equipment Tracker (10 Pk) 48-21-2010
  • The Milwaukee® TICK™ Tool and Equipment Tracker is the most versatile Bluetooth® tracker on the market. With multiple attachment options and a low profile design; users can glue; screw; rivet or strap the TICK™ on anything. Weather; water and dust proof ratings ensure that the TICK™ Tool and Equipment Tracker will survive every environment. Powered by a coin cell battery that provides over 1 year of runtime; the TICK™ will reliably provide tracking beacons anytime; anywhere. Receive low battery; service reminders and missing tool notifications through the ONE-KEY™ App. Location Services powered by the ONE-KEY™ App.
  • Also available in a 1 pack; 10 pack or 50 pack. 
  • Attach with glue; screws or rivets to anything
  • Survives everything with weather; water; dust and impact protection
  • 1 year runtime with replaceable coin cell battery
  • Tracking Powered by the ONE-KEY™ App
  • Over 100 ft signal range
  • Location signal wakes up a sleeping or backgrounded app
  • Battery: 3V Lithium-Ion Coin Cell
  • ONE-KEY Enabled: Yes
  • Length: 2.13in
  • Weight: 0.05 lbs
  • Height: 0.49in
  • Width: 1.88in
  • Run Time: 1 year with replaceable battery
  • Tool Warranty: 1 Year
  • Signal Range: Over 100 ft

Condition: New

GTIN: 045242493845