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Manufacturer: Southwire Cable Pulling Equipment

Southwire QWIKrope 1/8in X 300', 12 Strand UHMWPE Rope AVG. Break. 1,100 lb. SPR-183


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Product Information

  • Southwire
  • QWIKrope 1/8in X 300'; 12 Strand UHMWPE Rope AVG. Break. 1;100 lb. SPR-183
  • An innovative new high performance pulling rope that is UV resistant; lightweight and ultra low stretch.
  • High performance pulling rope made from ultra high molecular weight polyethylene fibers
  • 12 Strand single braided 9/16in pulling rope with a breaking strength of 32;000 lbs.; pound for pound stronger than steel
  • 2 sizes for all your circuit wire pulls: 1/8in pulling rope with a breaking strength of 1;100 lbs.; and a 1/4in pulling rope with a breaking strength of 7;500 lbs.
  • Ultra low stretch; UV resistant; lightweight pulling rope
  • 24% reduction in the coefficient of friction; as compared to traditional pulling ropes
  • Dual factory installed pulling eyes
  • Does not absorb water; no rope rot
  • Need only one size rope (9/16in) for feeder conductor pulls up to 10;000 lbs.
  • 1/8in QWIKrope™ can easily be vaccumed into any conduit run up to 290 ft.
  • 9/16in QWIKrope™ recommended for use with all Maxis® cable pullers

Condition: New

GTIN: 32886911422