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Manufacturer: Tamco Seize Free Carbide Drill Bits

Tamco Seize Free Carbide Drill Bit 7/8" x 37" Drill Depth 44-THB7308840



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Product Information

  • Tamco
  • Seize Free Carbide Drill Bit 7/8" x 37" Drill Depth 44-THB7308840
  • Tamcos patented Seize-Free carbide drill bit combines a unique, spiral fl uted design with increased air flow
  • to the carbide tip. This prevents drill binding, the most common problem encountered when drilling through
  • pavement overlays such as asphalt, concrete and stone.
  • Tamco carbide tipped drills used in rotary percussion hammers will drill hundreds of holes in granite, and a greater quantity in softer stone and concrete.
  • It is important to retain the original curvature of the carbide long with the 110 degree cutting angle during the sharpering process.
  • Dull carbide cuts slower and requires more energy to drill a hole. This extra energy is absorbed by the drill which can result in fractured carbides, failure of the steel, and/or a failure of the brazing which attaches the carbide to the steel. Dull carbides should be sharpened on a Green SIlicone Carbide grinding wheel with a grit size of approximately 80 grit. These wheels are readily available at most industrial suppliers.
  • Drill Diam: 7/8"
  • Drill Depth: 37"
  • Shank Size: 7/8" x 3-1/4"

Condition: New
Shipping/Dimentional Weight:7.00 lbs
MPN: 44-THB7308840