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Bosch Miterfinder™ Digital Protractor Kit DAF220K

Product Information

  • Bosch
  • Replaces Models: DWM40L & DWM40LK Bosch Miterfinders
  • Versatile measuring tool, 4 tools in one — Anglefinder, Compound Cut Calculator, Protractor, Level
  • Anglefinder — Determines the exact angles of jobsite or workpiece, eliminating guesswork
  • Compound Cut Calculator — Automatically determines the exact miter and bevel settings necessary to make each crown molding cut fit precisely.
  • Protractor — precisely positions the workpiece or intended cut line at the desired angle
  • Level — Built-in vertical and horizontal spirit levels, accurate to 0 +/- 0.05°
  • Hold Function — To freeze measurements
  • Digital readout displays on front and back — For easier use
  • Leg Extension — For accurately measuring hard-to-reach angles
  • Carrying Case — Hard thermoformed foam case protects Miterfinder™ and includes an internal pocket for storing Leg Extension
  • Rugged construction for durability
  • Includes: Carrying Case & Leg Extension

Manufacturer: Bosch Lasers & Measuring Tools

Bosch Miterfinder™ Digital Protractor Kit DAF220K



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