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Jobox Safety Cabinets

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JOBOX Safety Cabinets outperformed the leading competitor cabinet by over 100% in an independent UL 10-minute Burn Test.
EZ Level™ Bolster makes leveling simple and safe. No more blind fumbling or tipping the cabinet back to get to the leveling screws.
Hi-Viz Safety Information Labels provide a permanent reminder and reference for users to follow proper safety and usage practices.
Anti-tip feature on the EZ Level™ bolster extends the base foot print beyond the width of the cabinet for improved stability and resistance to tipping.
Bright white interiors provide maximum visibility in low light conditions, allowing users to quickly and safely identify cabinet contents.
Self-closing models feature an ultra-heavy duty, fully enclosed staggering mechanism to assure doors close correctly and safely.
Shelves guide spills safely to the rear, funneling any leaking liquids into a 2" deep leak-proof sump in the base of the cabinet.
Thicker, more robust doors provide a 2.5" insulation gap between metal panels for added durability and safety.