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Jobox Gas Cans

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Safety cans differ from standard “gas cans” in that they provide a safer means of storing and transferring flammable liquids. All feature spring-loaded, gasketed lids that seal automatically, flame arrestors that prevent flame from entering the can and igniting its contents via the spout, and special heavy-duty construction for superior durability and resistance to corrosion. They are available in two types: Type I and Type II . They come in different colors to designate the specific kinds of flammable liquids they contain.
High quality terne plate steel construction for superior corrosion resistance * Type II cans feature 22 gauge steel
Rugged tubular steel handle
Spring-loaded, gasketed lid seals automatically after handle is released
Hi-Viz safety label
Pour mechanism with flexible nozzle to totally enclose and contain flammable vapor
Integrated vacuum relief vent system in nozzle to prevent implosion Spark-resistant brass tipped nozzle for accurate pouring
Type II cans have two openings; one for filling and one for pouring. They are designed specifically for safely pouring flammable liquids without spills.