CS Unitec Aluminum Bronze (AlBr) Alloy Non-Sparking Tools

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CS Unitec 10" Grove Joint Plier AlBr EX604-10A
CS Unitec 10"Adjustable Wrench AlBr EX501-10A
CS Unitec 100mm Putty Knife AlBr EX408-100A
CS Unitec 12" Adjustable Wrench AlBr EX501-12A
CS Unitec 12" Groove Joint Plier AlBr EX604-12A
CS Unitec 14" Groove Joint Plier AlBr EX604-14A
CS Unitec 14x100mm Chisel Flat AlBr EX304-100A
CS Unitec 14x125mm Chisel Flat AlBr EX304-125A
CS Unitec 15" Adjustable Wrench AlBr EX501-15A
CS Unitec 16 X 460mm Crow Bar AlBr EX1303-460A
CS Unitec 16" Groove Joint Plier AlBr EX604-16A
CS Unitec 17x150mm Chisel Flat AlBr EX304-150A
CS Unitec 18" Adjustable Wrench AlBr EX501-18A
CS Unitec 19 X 600mm Crow Bar AlBr EX1303-600A
CS Unitec 19 X 760mm Crow Bar AlBr EX1303-760A
CS Unitec 19 X 900mm Crow Bar AlBr EX1303-900A
CS Unitec 200mm Bull Point Chisel AlBr EX306-200A
CS Unitec 20x175mm Chisel Flat AlBr EX304-175A
CS Unitec 20x200mm Chisel Flat AlBr EX304-200A
CS Unitec 24" Adjustable Wrench AlBr EX501-24A
CS Unitec 24x250mm Chisel Flat AlBr EX304-250A
CS Unitec 24x3000mm Chisel Flat AlBr EX304-300A
CS Unitec 24x4000mm Chisel Flat AlBr EX304-400A
CS Unitec 250mm Bull Point Chisel AlBr EX306-250A
CS Unitec 25mm Putty Knife AlBr EX408-25A
CS Unitec 300mm Bull Point Chisel AlBr EX306-300A
CS Unitec 30mm Putty Knife AlBr EX408-30A
CS Unitec 400mm Bull Point Chisel AlBr EX306-400A
CS Unitec 40mm Putty Knife AlBr EX408-40A
CS Unitec 450mm Bull Point Chisel AlBr EX306-450A
CS Unitec 50mm Putty Knife AlBr EX408-50A
CS Unitec 6" Adjustable Wrench AlBr EX501-6A
CS Unitec 6" Combination Plier W/ Side Cutting AlBr EX612-6A
CS Unitec 6" Pliers Round Nose AlBr EX607-6A
CS Unitec 60mm Putty Knife AlBr EX408-60A
CS Unitec 7" Aluminum Bronze Non Sparking Cutting Pliers Ex603-7A
CS Unitec 7" Combination Plier W/ Side Cutting AlBr EX612-7A
CS Unitec 75mm Putty Knife AlBr EX408-75A
CS Unitec 8" Adjustable Wrench AlBr EX501-8A
CS Unitec 8" Aluminum Bronze Non Sparking Cutting Pliers Ex603-8A
CS Unitec 8" Combination Plier W/ Side Cutting AlBr EX612-8A
CS Unitec 80mm Putty Knife AlBr EX408-80A
CS Unitec Aluminum Bronze Non Sparking Adjustable Combination Pliers Ex605-8A
CS Unitec Aluminum Bronze Non Sparking Cutting Shears Ex608-275A
CS Unitec Aluminum Bronze Non Sparking Flat Nose Pliers Ex606-6A
CS Unitec Aluminum Bronze Non Sparking Scissors Ex609-225A
CS Unitec Chisel 6 Point AlBr EX304A-300A
CS Unitec Chisel 8 Point AlBr EX304S-300A
Aluminum bronze tools are high quality, non sparking, non magnetic, corrosion resistant tools. THey help fulfill demand in ATEX directive 94/9/EC for work in zones 1, 2, 21 and 22. This means that they are safe to use in an atmosphere where a mixture of air and flammable substances in the form of gas, vapor air mist or dust is likely to occur in normal operation occasionally. They have a hardness of 23-35 HRC, making them not quite as durable as CuBe tools. They also have low magnetism due to minimal ferrous components, making them appropriate for non-critical non-magnetic applications.