Hilman Rollers Light Duty Riggers 3-8 Tons

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Hilman is a name to know when it comes to rollers and dollies. Their low profile, high-capacity rollers are specifically manufactured for a multitude of rolling applications. Light Duty Series Deluxe Riggers Kits and Riggers Sets are available in two capacities and two styles: 3-Ton and 8-Ton and a choice of all 4 Swivel-Pad top rollers, or with 2 Swivel-Pad top and 2 Rigid-Pad top rollers.  Deluxe Riggers Kits include full length 36” kit size handles along with a carrying case. If you are interested in a Hilman Roller Kit, dont hesitate to call us at 800-242-4424 so we can hook you up with the right rig.