Motorola Two-Way Radios

Motorola Solutions is a communication technology company specializing in mobile devices, networking, software, and applications. One of their flagship products for connecting on-the-job professionals, Motorola two-way radios offer a number of benefits over using personal cell phones while on the jobsite.

Motorola radios increase productivity by enabling quick and capable group communication while also cutting down on time lost trying to track someone down. Offering immediate communication in the event of an emergency, Motorola 2-way radios also improve jobsite safety by ensuring everyone hears the message instead of just one person. And on top of all that, Motorola mobile radios do not require monthly service plans so you never have to worry about contracts, dead spots, or coverage issues. UHF, VHF, and digital Motorola walkie talkie radios come with a variety of settings, features, and accessories to help make them as useful as possible for busy professionals like you.

Keep everyone on your jobsite connected with these Motorola handheld radios and accessories available right now from Ohio Power Tool:
  • Motorola RM two-way radios
    • These Motorola RM Series walkie talkies come with four, five, or eight channels and support MURS, UHF, and VHF frequencies.
  • Motorola CLS two-way radios
    • Offering single or four-channel radios, as well as parts and accessories, find the Motorola CLS Series radios you need at Ohio Power Tool.
  • Motorola RDX two-way radios
    • Ohio Power Tools stocks the RDX Series' ten-channel and sixteen-channel radios, in addition to several chargers, cables, clips, cases, and batteries.
  • Motorola DTR two-way radios
    • Offering supreme audio quality and range, these digital Motorola business radios are available with 100 or 150 lines.
  • Motorola audio accessories
    • Searching for Motorola earbuds, earpieces, headsets, or other audio accessories? Ohio Power Tool has you covered.
Have a question about Motorola radios? Can't find the Motorola walkie talkies you need? Want advice on the best Motorola portable radios for your jobsite? Give the pros at Ohio Power Tool a call today at 800-242-4424 for assistance!