PLS - Pacific Laser System

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Pacific Laser Systems (PLS) is an American manufacturer of laser alignment tools designed with professional building contractors in mind. With a supreme focus on precision, PLS lasers offer several high-quality products capable of identifying plumb, level, and square to ensure your layouts will be as comprehensive as they are accurate.

Ohio Power Tool carries all three major types of PLS lasers:
Continuous line laser levels are portable laser alignment devices that can be used inside or outside to project horizontal and vertical benchmarks. Point-to-point laser levels (also called dot laser levels) are great for providing plumb and square points of reference for most layout tasks. Rotary laser levels, the most heavy-duty option of Pacific Laser Systems' laser alignment equipment, are perfect for more demanding/complex outdoor and indoor layout jobs. No matter the laser needs of your jobsite, Ohio Power Tool has the PLS laser system to help you get the job done quickly, efficiently, and effectively.

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