Bosch Lasers & Measuring Tools

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The Robert Bosch Tool Corporation is now one of the world's leading producers of laser levels and measuring tools after their acquisition of several companies, including CST/Berger, the most respected name in the industry. With Bosch's commitment to quality and product development and the great minds and experience of their newly acquired companies, count on Bosch to continue to introduce new and innovative products into the laser measurement market.

Ohio Power Tool carries an extensive selection of Bosch laser tools and measuring equipment:

  • Bosch Rotary Lasers
    • Available as tools only or in complete kits, Bosch's line of self-leveling rotary lasers is full of products perfect for keeping your project plumb and level in both indoor and outdoor applications.
  • Bosch Dot, Line & Point Lasers
    • Capable of multi-axis applications to assist with leveling and alignment, Bosch's line of professional point lasers can do everything from simple triple-point projection to complete wall/floor laser coverage an much, much more.
  • Bosch Distance & Angle Measuring Tools
    • From laser range finders capable of measuring up to 825 feet and laser distance meters with a 265-foot range to digital angle finders and more, Bosch distance and angle measurement tools will add quality, reliability, and precision to your work.
  • Bosch Detection Tools & Receivers
    • Including professional-grade spot scanner radars, wall scanner radars, line laser detectors, and rotary laser receivers, Bosch detection tools pair perfectly with their laser level products to ensure accuracy on the jobsite.
  • Bosch Measuring Accessories
    • Although several Bosch laser and measuring tools come in complete kits, you can also select the add-ons you need a la carte. These Bosch measuring accessories include everything from telescoping leveling rods and laser positioning devices to heavy duty tripods, and more. Find everything you need to maximize the versatility and precision of your Bosch laser tools!

Have a question about Bosch measuring equipment? Can't find the Bosch laser you need? Want advice on which Bosch measuring tools are right for your job? Searching for other Bosch tools and accessories? The pros at Ohio Power Tool can help. Give us a call at 800-242-4424 today for immediate assistance.