Empire Level

A leading creator of everything from levels and layout tools to squares and caution tape, Empire Level was founded way back in 1919. Over the years, Empire has strengthened their company and product lineup with six strategic acquisitions between 1975 and 2010. These changes expanded their production capabilities and offerings to include (in chronological order) squares, wood levels, caution tape, precision tools, miter boxes, advanced engineering, and mahogany levels. Today, Empire dominates the retail, contractor supply, and DIY markets with their proven alignment, layout, and awareness products.

Because skilled industry pros like you understand the value of getting the job done right the first time, the accuracy of tools and equipment is always of the utmost importance. Since Empire Level places the same focus upon the accuracy of every tool they design, we're proud to carry their leveling, alignment, notification, and measurement products here at Ohio Power Tool:
  • Empire detectable tape (warning tape for identifying water lines, sewer lines, fiber optic cables, reclaimed water, electric lines, force mains, and gas lines that is detectable to metal detectors)
  • Empire levels and leveling tools (line levels, I-beam levels, bullseye levels, digital levels, box levels, mason levels, torpedo levels, post levels, pocket levels, surface levels, and cutting guides)
  • Empire non-detectable tape (caution tape for protecting and identifying water lines, sewer lines, fiber optic cables, reclaimed water, electric lines, gas lines, and even custom messages)
  • Empire squares and line tools (rafter squares, framing squares, combination squares, drywall T-squares, try squares, and True Blue T-bevels)
  • Empire tape measures (acrylic-coated steel, nylon-clad steel, and fiberglass tape measures with ranges from 25-300')
Have a question about Empire Level products? Can't find the Empire torpedo level, Empire digital level, or Empire tape measure you need? The pros at Ohio Power Tool can help. Give us a call at 800-242-4424 for immediate assistance!