CS Unitec Mixers & Paddles

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Professional Hand-Held Mixers for fast, efficient mixing of Mortar, Concrete, Plaster, Flooring Adhesives, Grout, Coatings, Paint, Self-leveling Compounds and other Cementitious Materials. For self-leveling compounds to prefab mortar, CS Unitec has a portable mixer to do the job quickly. Every mixer has been designed for high reliability, with the power to provide optimum blending of construction materials on the job site. 

With new OSHA Silica regulations inplace for worker exposure levels there needs to be consideration for mixing these types of bag products. Even small batch mixing can create significant exposure for silica. One very unique product for CS Unitec is the TwinMix 1800 which is one of the only fully contained mixing units available for portable mixing. Match with the CS Unitec CS1445 H vac with HEPA filtration and worker Silica exposure levels will be lowered dramatically.